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What's popular would like to warmly welcome you to our Cleaning Store. We are the United Kingdom’s first choice when it comes to purchasing office and cleaning supplies.  We distribute from our depots in Birmingham, Bristol, Chessington, Glasgow and Belfast. Ninety Nine percent of all orders placed are delivered within 24 - 48 hours.

 All the staff working at Huntoffice UK appreciate a clean home & office as much as the next person but we also realise cleaning can often be viewed as a tedious and rather painful way to spend your spare time. So instead of going through the list of 600 cleaning products we supply. I would like to take the opportunity to try and instil five seeds of motivation within you which will hopefully make the whole cleaning process a more beneficial and pleasurable experience for everyone.

    • Clean your Space – Clear your mind

It has been clinically proven that living / working in a messy and cluttered space can actually be bad for you emotional health. An untidy space can led to a build-up of stress which in-turn can negatively impact on your physical health. The result of which may be irritability, decreased motivation and physical complications. However, with a little bit of elbow grease and enthusiasm, you can reverse the negative impacts and replace it with positive energy. Therefore, having a clean and clear space to live & work in will decrease your stress levels and increase your mood and energy levels.

    • Visual Benefits of Cleaning

Although it may seem quite obvious, a quick tidy of your living / work area will lighten the appearance of that space, thus making it a welcoming and comfortable space to enjoy rather than a cluttered, untidy area that you sub consciously despise.

    • It’s Time to Save Time

We all have been in situations where you have been rushing to get out the door to get to an important meeting or social event but instead you get halted in your tracks as you frantically rummage through clutter and mess to find your set of car keys or office documents. By being organised, you will save precious time that would otherwise be wasted in fruitless searches.

    • Increase Your Productivity

In tangent with the last point, having a clean and tidy space to work in will boost your efficiency and productivity. Put simply –: Organisation + Additional Spare Time = Productivity.

    • Setting the Right Impressions through Cleaning

Whether it is your desk at work or your living room at home, you are responsible for your own personal space and it needs to be treasured, not trashed. Like it or not, people will automatically start to form opinions of you based on the how you take care of your own personal space. An untidy space can give the person an impression that you are careless or lazy. It may be the reason that you miss out on the next office promotion or in your personal life, it may lead to the loss of potential relationships if you fail to make a good impression at the initial relationship stage. So we can think of no better reason to get out the duster and dust-bin and start sweeping your way to cleaner personal image.


So, no matter what time of the year you find yourself reading this Cleaning Guide. There is no better time to start the proverbial ‘Spring- Clean’ then the here and now.  We sincerely hope we have set the motivational seeds deep and that it will soon lead to a cleaner living / work space for you to treasure and enjoy.

A quote of wisdom - “From Small Seeds, Grow Great Oaks”