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Microfibre Cloths warmly welcomes you to the Computer Cleaning Products section of our website. We supply Computer Cleaning Products to customers in all locations in the United Kingdom such as London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff. We use FedEx couriers to deliver your order within 1- 2 working days.

When it comes to maintaining your computer, most people automatically think of applying software updates and installing anti-virus protection. We often forget that it is equally important to maintain your computer externally. This is especially important for businesses where staff members use and share computers on a daily bases. There are significant benefits to be gained from implementing a computer cleaning policy within the work place.

Benefits from implementing a cleaning program include –

• Ensuring that your staff are protected from germs which thrive on dirty computer equipment such as keyboard, printer and computer mouse.

• Reduce business costs - Less germs equals less absenteeism, this should boost both productivity and profit.

• Having your computer equipment cleaned on a regular basis will help staff members who suffer from dust and mite allergies.

• Cleaning your computer monitor will reduce eye strain and headaches due the removal of built up dirt and grime which can impair the quality of images and text on-screen.

• Overtime dirt and dust can find its way into the interior of the computer. This may cause internal parts to become faulty or block a machine’s cooling fan causing it to overheat.

• If a computer malfunctions due to dust corrupting the inner components, it may result in expensive repairs or having to replace the unit completely.

• Staff tend to treat cleaner / newer looking computer equipment with more respect.  If the equipment is dirty or shabby looking they may not maintain and respect it properly.

Here at Huntoffice UK, we are ready to help you reap the benefits by supplying you with a multitude of computer cleaning products. We have divided the store into 7 categories where you will find all the necessary computer cleaning accessories to wipe away dirt, dust and nasty germs.

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