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Office Supplies UK

Welcome to the Hunt Office UK store, The home of cheap online office supplies in London and the UK. Here you can browse through our online catalogue of over 25000 products.  At Hunt Office we have a large range of office supplies from brands like Rexel, Avery, Esselte, Bisley, HP, Canon and many more…  We have everything that a business could need regarding office supplies and and general business supplies including files, folders, pens, paper, tea, coffee, shredders, computer equipment to name a few.

We deliver office supplies throughout the UK including London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast….  For regularly ordered stocked items we can provide next day delivery.

The following is advice on ways to ensure you have all the essential office supplies you could need for your office:

• You should make a list of all the essential items that you need for the day to day running of your office.
• As well as looking at price you should also consider quality, it can save you from having essential items breaking an example would be a shredder. Often people under estimate the amount they shred and buy a shredder that is not suitable for frequent use.  When buying a shredder be realistic about how much you will be using it and always look at customer recommendations.
• Keep items you use daily at your desk and less frequent products in a secure cupboard.
• Appoint one person in your business to do the office supplies ordering to avoid duplicate ordering.
• Always do a check of people’s desk before ordering. You may have an item on your order list that is already at someone’s desk.
• For essential products like ink and toners ensure you always keep a spare, so when your ink or toner runs out you always have a backup.

Top essential office products:

Files and folders including suspension files, ring binders, document wallets. Popular brands would include Leitz, Eastlight, Bantex.
Printer Paper - There is a huge demand for multifunction paper that is compatible with a number of different machines throughout the office. Brands include HP, Navigator, Data Copy...
Inks & Toners - To easily find your toner simply use the search box or use our convenient ink and toner finder by selecting the machine model.
Envelopes – DL would be very popular as well as C4 and C5 envelopes.
• Books & Pads including refills and notepads.

Tips for saving money on your office supplies

• When buying office supplies in the UK, Consider brand equivalent products, considerable savings can be made.
• Buy quality goods, if you're buying an office chair and you work 39 hours a week at your desk then a cheap office chair may not be sufficient. You will need to look for a chair that is designed for 24 hour use and has lots of adjustment features.
• Buying in bulk can save you money so don’t place small orders regularly, it is best to place one large order.
• Be aware of free delivery thresholds, a lot of office supplies companies in the UK will offer you free delivery over a certain order value.
• If you are buying a machine or printer do plenty of research on the consumables and calculate the cost per page printing.
• Look out for high yield toners and cartridges, many inks and toners have a high yield version that often gives you twice the printing at a small extra cost.
• To save on paper setup duplex printing on your printer.
• Keep an eye on special offers, sign up for weekly email offers.
• Do a thorough stock check before ordering so you are not buying items you already have.
• Reuse items as much as possible, to save money as well as the environment. Recycle your office supplies, reuse folders, use the reverse side of refill pads.

We are committed to offering our customers competitive priced office supplies. Compare our office supplies prices to online office supply companies in London and the UK. Check out our range of compatible inks and toners. In addition we offer customers a value range of products called 5 star, these products are competitively priced throughout our website. With 5 Star products you can save up to 80% in comparison to well-known brand equivalents.

Quality Product Data

As well as offering customers high quality competitive priced office products, we also offer good quality product data so our customers can make an informed decision when purchasing goods.

Hunt Office UK data adheres to BOSS Federation standards which offers users consistent information.  The BOSS Federation is a non-profit UK association which serves the UK Office supplies industry by standardising product data including packaging, labelling, technical data etc.

The UK Office Supplies Market

The office supplies market in the UK is extremely competitive and like many other industries. Office Supplies London is a very competitive term we compete seriously for as well as customers who need office supplies UK. The competition on cheap office supplies has increased at a time when the office supplies industry has also seen a decline in recent years coupled with increased competition.  To stand out from the competition companies need to offer customers a superior service in addition to competitive business and office supplies prices.  The industry product range is also changing, in previous years office supplies companies generally sold traditional office products like folders, pens however due to changes in technology the demand for technology related products and EOS products have increased.

Office supplies companies need to be innovative with their online stores, offering customers better information and features.  We work hard to win customers however we work equally as hard to maintain our customers.  Our online store is constantly changing. Based on customer feedback we have a long list of developmental changes that we are constantly adding to.  We assume no commitment from our customers instead we work hard to ensure every experience with Hunt Office is easy, stress free, quick and reliable. We hope customers will return to Hunt Office based on a positive previous experience.