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Nowadays with busy working lives people in the UK appreciate convenience.  Surface cleaners are very popular and can make light of hard work.  There are hundreds of different surface cleaners on the market however it is very important that you buy a suitable surface cleaner specifically designed for the task in hand.  Our selection of surface cleaners includes various trigger sprays, 750ml bottles to large 5L containers.   At we have a range of surface cleaners for various applications, the following is a range of surface cleaners we supply:

Floor Surface Cleaners
We have a number of floor surface cleaners for the home as well as industrial cleaners.  The main brands of home surface cleaners are flash, CIF etc  To protect the environment we supply a selection of eco friendly floor cleaners.

Kitchen Surface Cleaners
As the kitchen is the place where we prepare and eat food and can be the centre hub of any household it is important to keep the kitchen clean and germ free.  Most kitchen cleaners have antibacterial properties to help keep your kitchen germ free.  Detol and Mr. Muscle would be very well known kitchen cleaners and come in convenient sprays.

Glass & Window Cleaners

When cleaning windows it is important to use cleaner specifically designed for cleaning glass and windows.  Using the incorrect type of cleaner can result in smears, most window cleaners are designed to clean grease, tobacco and general dirt and have a vinegar substance added for a streak free shine.

Furniture Polish
Furniture polish is used for cleaning furniture and to restore its shine by putting a film of polish over the furniture therefore protecting the furniture and reducing the build-up of dust.  For convenience we supply a range of furniture polish in aerosol sprays.

Multipurpose Surface Cleaners
If you want an all round surface cleaner for cleaning a multiple of surfaces then a multipurpose is an excellent choice of cleaner.  Multipurpose cleaners work on most washable surfaces, many multi purpose cleaners are bleach based for effectively removing dirt and grime.  We have a selection of multipurpose cleaners from brands such as Maxima, Flash, Cif and Ecoforce.