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Toilet paper is a soft paper product used for hygiene purposes.  The quality of toilet paper is generally decided by the softness, durability and the number of plies.  Toilet paper ply refers to the amount of sheets the toilet paper contains.  At Hunt Office UK we have a large range of toilet rolls to choose from, our brands include Andrex, Scott, Lotus, Velvet and Kleenex.  We have standard toilet paper as well as luxury toilet paper rolls i.e. Aloe Vera enriched toilet paper for that extra comfort.

When choosing toilet paper for convenience sake it is ideal to choose a toilet roll with as many sheets as possible which lessens the need for the toilet roll to be replaced.

To protect the environment we have a large selection of toilet rolls that are made from recycled materials, we even have a coreless toilet roll so as there is no core there is no unnecessary need to discard the core afterwards keeping your bathroom tidier as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

Paper hand towels are very hygienic to use especially in bathrooms accessed by the public.  Paper hand towels would be very commonplace in hospital toilets throughout the UK.  There has been many agruements for using hand towels instead of electric hand driers. 

The following are the main advantages of using paper hand towels instead of electric hand driers:

• It was found in many cases that some hand driers actually increased the germs on the hands after drying.
• Paper hand towels are much quicker and the process of drying your hands can be completed in less than 1 minute with the hands completely dry.
• Hand driers can also be very noisy so this can be a reason for people opting for paper towels.

Paper hand towels are generally stored in a paper hand towel dispenser which helps to keep the toilet tidier and only dispensing one towels at a time.

We also have a range of facial tissues which are very useful to have in the home office or bathroom.  Kleenex would be one of the main brands of tissue we supply.