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There is no denying that break-time is every workers favourite time of the day. It is a precious and treasured time when you can spend a few moments to clear your head and recharge the batteries as you nibble on your favourite chocolate biscuit over a steaming cup of aromatic coffee. It is a time when you can momentarily forget out about the financial report that sits waiting on your desk or the 4.30pm presentation you have to present to your colleagues. It’s the 15 minute break when you can lay down your shovel or paint brush and take warmth from a pipping hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s morning.  Breaktime has a special place in every workers heart and here at we are no different. We truly understand the importance of making the most of your breaktime so we have put together a tasty and tempting category of all the UK’s favourite breaktime treats.

We have broken down the breaktime category into 3 easy to navigate subcategories.

• Drinks & Snacks

• Canteen Equipment

• Cutlery & Tableware


Drinks & Snacks

Here at Huntoffice, we adore our midday munchies so we have paid special attention to our Drinks & Snacks category. We have carefully selected the UK’s favourite breaktime treats and even taken the liberty of tasting each delightful one so we can confidently proclaim to be breaktime ‘experts’.     

If you love biscuits as much as we do, then you will be thrilled to hear we stock a wide variety of  biscuit such as Fox's Biccies Assortment,  McVities MiniChoc HobNobs, Nestle Kit Kat Chocolate and Cadbury Mini Fingers to name but a few.

What better way to compliment your favourite biscuit than with a full bodied coffee with an earthy aroma. We have all the leading bands such as Nescafe, Kenco,  Percol,  Cafe Direct and Clipper Fairtrade.

If coffee is not you cup of tea (no pun intended) we have a cuppa brew to satisfy every taste. When it comes to tea, it is no longer a question of black or white ,/,with or without sugar. The humble cup of tea has been brought right up to the 21st Century with options now ranging from Fruit Flavoured, Green Tea , Peppermint Tea and Camomile Tea.

Also, within the category you will find

• Bottled Water

• Chocolate Bars

• Hot Chocolate

• Juices & Squashes

• Milk & Creamer

• Soft Drinks

• Sugar

• Sweets

• Vending Refills

• Water Cooler Dispensers


Canteen Equipment

Whether you are kitting out a new office canteen and looking for the best deals on Canteen Equipment or you simply need to replace a broken kettle or toaster. Then you need look no further as we have all the canteen equipment you require here at the Canteen Equipment homepage. 

Contained within this category you will find.

• Coffee Makers

• Coffee Machine

• Coffee Machine Supplies

• Fridges & Dishwashers

• Toasters

• Kettles & Water Urns

• Jugs & Flasks

• Microwaves & Ovens

• Water Filter Jugs


Cutlery & Tableware

In our Cutlery & Tableware section we have all the utensils you will need to complete your canteen.  These items are 99.9% of the time in stock so we can delivery to your door within 1 -2 working days.

Utensils available to purchase from the Cutlery & Tableware category include.

• Disposable Cups & Glasses

• Cutlery

• China ware

• Paper Plates

• Tin Foil & Cling FilmPaper Napkins

• Trays