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Throughout the UK air fresheners are used in cars, homes, businesses and often areas used by the public.  Air fresheners are typically used to omit an unpleasant odour.  You can get instant air fresheners which are activated on demand, this would mainly be the air freshener sprays and aerosols.  You can also get continuous action air fresheners, products would include wall plug-ins, scented candles, battery operated air fresheners etc.  You can also get air freshener products that can be hung in a variety of places, in the car, in bathrooms etc.

Air fresheners work in a variety of ways, when an odour is present the smell can be treated in the following ways:

Absorption Air Fresheners – this is a chemical process whereby molecules exist in the freshener that is designed to absorb the unpleasant odour.

Neutralisation Air Fresheners
– If high levels or acidity or alkalinity exist this can result in an unpleasant odour.  With neutralisers a chemical is added to stabilise the PH levels in the air, reducing or eliminating the odours.

Disinfectant Air Fresheners
– Bacteria levels in the air can be the cause of a bad odour, many disinfectant air fresheners can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria therefore eliminating the odour.

Masking Air Fresheners
– Masking air fresheners are used by replacing a bad odour with a more pleasant smell.
There are many brands of air fresheners in the UK market, the popular brands would include Ambi-Pur, Neutralle, Kimberley Clark Glade, Haze and TCI.  Some of the scents we supply include spring Flowers, Vanilla, Pacific Breeze, Peach & Jasmine, Pot Pourri

At we supply air fresheners throughout the UK including London in a variety of forms including aerosols, trigger sprays and gels.   For commercial buildings and homes we supply air freshener units that are capable of emitting vapours up to 90 days, some are battery operated with led display to show the time, days to refill and battery life remaining, the advantage about using an automatic unit is that often the air freshener units allow you to control how much fragrance you want to release into your room, some are even activated by movement.