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Disposable Gloves are used everywhere - in the home, office, local deli, hospital... Disposable gloves are typically used for hygiene purposes to avoid the spread of infection or bacteria.  Disposable gloves are cheap and can be discarded when used.   Once you remove your disposable gloves it is also advisable that you wash your hands.
Another benefit of using disposable gloves is to protect your hands.  Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and exposure to these chemicals can dry out or even crack them.

At HuntOffice we offer customers a range of disposable gloves, the following is where the disposable gloves are generally used and advice on choosing the right type of disposable glove.

Medical disposable gloves
Medical Disposable GlovesMedical disposable gloves are generally used in surgery or during medical examinations. They prevent contamination between patient and hospital staff and also prevent the spread of any infection.  If using disposable gloves for surgery then it is essential that you use a disposable glove that offers maximum dexterity, sensitivity so you can carry out precise procedures.  A popular type of medical disposable gloves would be the powderless latex gloves.  In the past it was powder was used to lubricate the gloves making them easier to put on. However it was found that the powder contained in the gloves often affected the healing process and some people had allergic reations to the powder so now most medical gloves are powder free.  These types of gloves are also often used in laboratories or veterinary clinics.

Gloves for food handling
Disposable gloves are regularly used by restaurants and deli counters when handling food.  It is very important that gloves are changed regularly and properly disposed of.  It is also essential that you wash your hands properly prior to putting on the gloves and after you have removed the gloves.  Also if you are changing activity i.e. going from handling raw food to cleaning or handling food to taking money it is important you change the gloves.  We have a number of gloves suitable for food handling which conform to EC Food Directive EC/1935 2004.

Everyday household disposable gloves
Many household cleaning products contain chemicals and over time they can dry out your hands causing cracked skin or even sores.  To prevent this from happening it is important to wear disposable gloves when carrying out household duties.  We have a large range of disposable gloves to suit all jobs.  We have powder free gloves or latex free gloves for people with allergies to latex or the powder used in gloves.