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Bins & Refuse

Thank you for coming to visit the Bins & Refuse Store.

We supply Bins and Refuse materials to all corner of the UK such as Liverpool, Bangor, Aberdeen and Londonderry.

Here at, we believe that there has never been a better time to do a spring tidy by clearing out unwanted items that have a nasty habit of accumulated around the home and office. Anyone who has ever tried searching for those all-important office documents or their elusive car key while in a hurry will agree that there is nothing more frustrating than rummaging through a mountain of useless junk to find the required item. We hope that we can help inspire you to bin your excess rubbish by outlining a number of key benefits to living and working in a clutter free zone.

Clear space = Clear mind

A regular clear-out and binning of unwanted items is not only good for making addition space, it also has positive health benefits. A build-up of clutter in the home or office can have a negative and stressful effect of a person’s health. By binning unnecessary junk you open up your work or living space, allowing you to revel in a visually calmer atmosphere. At work, a clear desk and mind can actually improve you productivity and encourage creativity. Decluttering your work space will eliminate unwanted distractions and allows you to focus your attention on top priorities.

Lasting Impressions

We have all been in situations where we couldn’t help but notice the clutter in a particular work space or living area. For businesses, it is vital that their property appears clean and rubbish free as customers are quick to form opinions which are very difficult to change. In private homes, the importance of having a living space free from rubbish and clutter can be beneficial both aesthetically and also helps minimise the risk of fire.

Bin the Bugs

Your friendly home / office bacteria would love nothing more than if you continued to hoard irrelevant materials that make the perfect hideout for them to breed and multiply. With a small bit of motivation and a refuse sack you can bin and eliminate millions of these hideous beasts which can cause you some unwelcome internal discomfort.

Impress the boss

A clean / tidy work area can both visually and subliminally send out the message that you are on track to achieve your goals and that you have the ability to keep everything organised, no matter how busy your work load becomes. This is a sure way to impress your boss and may help you land a promotion at a later date.

So, now that you are motivated to declutter your life, the next step is to get the correct style of bin to fit into your living and work space. At, we have a large assortment of bins and cleaning accessories in each of the following categories.

The categories in our Bins and Refuse section include.

Desk Bins
Indoor Bins
Rubbish Bags
Wheelie Bins
Outdoor Bins
Recycling Bins
Cigarette Bins
Cleaning Trolleys
Bin Lids & Hinges

We also stock a number of spill control solutions such as Spill Kits, Spill Pads, Spill Socks, Chemical Spill Pallets, Audit Bin Covers, Oil Only Spill Pads, Absorbent Granules and Spillage Rolls.