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Every business in the UK sends and receives mail, from letters to large parcels. So, it is very handy to have a stock of essential postage supplies at hand when needed. At Hunt Office UK we supply a large range of packing supplies such as airmail envelopes, label makers and packing tubes. Take a look at our range of postage supplies below:

Envelopes  Available in a number of different sizes the most popular being DL, A4 and A5 envelopes, you can choose between plain or window envelopes depending on your requirement.

Address Labels  Ideal when you are sending out large amounts of letters and you want a professional look and feel. With a label maker you can print hundreds of labels in one go from your address database.

Postage Stamps It’s always convenient to have a supply of stamps at your desk instead of queuing up at your local post office. If you are a business and have a high volume of mail it may be more convenient to invest in a franking machine to save you time.

Many larger businesses may have a dedicated mailroom for sorting and sending post or packages.  The mailroom furniture items you would typically see in post rooms are post sorter or pigeon holes where you can sort out post for different people or departments.  Most mailroom would also have a mailroom table, handy for packing and sorting post.

For larger packages it is important to pack carefully so the goods or items you are sending are well protected.  The right packing equipment is vital, below is a list of some items you should have in your post room for packing products or goods:

Packing Tape & Dispenser – Always make sure you have the right packing tape for the type of item you are sending, if the tape is not strong enough the package could be damaged in transit.

Bubble Wrap or Shrink Wrap – If you are sending large fragile items bubble wrap is a great way to protect your goods.

Packing Boxes
We would recommend having different size packing boxes, there is no point in put a small item in a large packing box, if you do you’ll have to use an unnecessary amount of bubble wrap etc.