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Dishwashers have become very popular but there is still a need for washing up the old fashioned way.  Many people living alone or people living in limited space may not have the need or space for a dishwasher so may opt to wash their cutlery and dishes the old fashioned way, some people enjoy washing up dishes.  If your dishwasher is full you may decide to wash large items like pots and pans by hand.

Washing up liquid is great for cleaning dishes, cups and cutlery, often when you put your pots and pans into the dishwasher they can still come out dirty especially if there is burnt on food so when you're finished cooking it is a good idea to put in some hot water and washing up liquid and let them stand for a while so the food lifts from the base of the saucepans.  There are now many antibacterial washing up liquid available on the market that can kill bacteria as well as cleaning your dishes.

When washing by hand the right accessories can half the job, we supply some of the most essential washing up accessories you could need including  washing up bowls,  washing up brushes, a sink drainer for drying your plates and cutlery, and a sink plunger in case food particles end up blocking your sink.

Nowadays with people working and for convenience sake most households have a dishwasher, at HuntOffice.co.uk we have a range of dishwashing products for your dishwasher including dishwasher tablets, rinse aid and dishwasher salt from well-known brands such as Finish, Sun, Ecover…..  If your glasses come out with water spots then you should try using rinse aid to get clear sparkling glasses.  Dishwashers work best with soft water so it is recommended you use dishwasher salt for best results.  By using dishwasher salt you will not require as much detergent or rinse aid.  We also supply dishwasher cleaner, with regular use of your dishwasher, limescale and food particles can build up so it is recommended you clean out your filter and use dishwasher cleaner about once per month to keep your dishwasher clean and smelling fresh.