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Welcome to the Huntoffice UK Floor Cleaning webstore. The Huntoffice.co.uk website is fast becoming the UK’s number one choice when it comes to purchasing floor cleaning supplies for the home or office. We have our main distribution centre situated in Birmingham (West Midland) but also have regional distribution depots in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Having regional depots in multiple locations within Great Britain gives Huntoffice UK a unique advantage over the majority of our competitors. Once you have purchased your chosen product, we have a proud track record of delivering your order within 48 hours (excluding weekends / public holidays).

Here at Huntoffice.co.uk, we have made shopping for floor cleaning accessories simple and straight forward. We have split our floor cleaning product range into a number of categories. All you need do is click on the category name and it will bring you directly to the floor cleaning products related to that category.

Our floor cleaning categories include -

Floor Mops – in this category you will find mops from leading cleaning brands such as Addis, Charles, Bentley and Rubbermaid. These mops come in a variety of colours such as Yellow, White, Green, Red, Blue and Grey

Mop Buckets – Our mop buckets can be purchased with or without wheels. When choosing a mop bucket be sure to check the capacity size. As a general rule, the larger the floor area you need to clean, the larger the bucket capacity you will require.

Vacuum Cleaners & Supplies – In the Vacuum Cleaners & Supplies category you will find top quality hoovers from manufacturers such as Numatic, Taski and Black & Decker. If you are about to purchase a Vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to also purchase a suitable pack of replacement bags. This will save you having to spend time searching online for them at a later date.

Other useful floor cleaning categories include

Mop Heads

Mop Handles

Brooms Brushes & Dustpans

Power Washers

Floor Cleaner

Why is it important to clean and maintain your floors on a regular basis?

• Prevent injuries due to tripping or slipping - Whether it is in the home or office, injuries often occur due to slips and trips when a floor is not correctly maintained. Injuries received due to a trip can lead to broken bones or in a worst case scenario, may even be life threatening. The process of floor cleaning can in itself be a health hazard if the cleaner does not take proactive safety steps such as ensuring warning signs are visible to the public when a floor is wet or  mopping up any excess water / floor cleaning agents that are still visible after cleaning has been completed.

• If you are having visitors to your home of business, one of the first areas in the building they will pass through is the floor. Therefore, it is vital to set a good first impression by having a clean floor surface.

• It is important to clean up any spillages once they occur. If a spillage is left to dry into a floor it may cause irreparable damage to the surface.

• Dirt particles such as small stones and sand can scratch delicate wood / marble surfaces if they are not regularly swept up.

• Frequent vacuuming of carpets can help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms caused by dust & mite allergies