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Office furniture can be a big investment for any individual or business in the UK so it’s important to look at every consideration before making that important purchase.  Also as you may spend up to 40 hours per week at your desk so it is important to have a comfortable working space. At hunt office furniture UK we offer a complete selection of all the essential pieces that create the perfect office environment. Since it is impossible to run an office without a proper chair, desk and filing cabinet we offer an impressive assortment of such products. We also stock a selection of office cupboards, desk screens and partitions, lockers and bookcases. As we know that some businesses require specific furniture, we supply an assortment of home office furniture, reception units and canteen and bistro furniture. We also have a separate section dedicated to school furniture.

Importance of good quality office furniture

• Many individuals can spend up to 8 hours per day at their office desks so it is important they have a comfortable desk and office chair.

• Office furniture help create a positive work environment and promote productivity

• Your office may be visited from time to time by the public or clients so it’s vital that your office furniture gives a professional impression.

• If you invest in good quality durable office furniture you may not need to replace for many years.

Before buying office furniture you need to consider the following factors:

• Type of office, you need to look at the type of work carried out in your office. If you have a call centre then you may not have the need for a lot of desk space so a workstation may be sufficient.  However for more paper based roles a larger desk may be required with drawers and filing space.

• Do you wish to have an open plan office or separate partitioned spaces.

• You need to measure the size and shape of the office, taking into account room for windows etc.

• How many people will you need to accommodate in your office space.

• Additional facilities required in the room?  Will you be holding meetings in the office, if this is the case you may wish to have space for a meeting room.

• What storage requirements do you have; you may wish to have cabinets to store information and files.

• What type of office equipment do you need in your office space

All our hunt office furniture is measured in (mm), below is a conversion chart to help you convert:

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters
1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

Office furniture differs to home office furniture, good quality office furniture should be made to extremely high standards, it should be shock resistant, scratch resistant, it should be solid capable of holding reasonable weights you would experience in an office environment i.e. folders, reams of paper etc.  Good quality office furniture is usually more expensive than occasional use home office furniture as it demands higher specifications so it can withstand continuous heavy use you would experience in an office.

Tips to buying office furniture online

Do plenty of research before your purchase, good quality office furniture should last you years.

Research what you are buying – with office furniture quality for most people is more important than price as you want office furniture to last for years so when selecting a product you should check out reviews.

Check for a warranty - To ensure you’re getting quality office furniture - office desk, office chairs and filing cabinets should all carry warrantees.

Returns policy - The colour might not suit your office or you may want a more comfortable office chair so it’s important you’ve the option to return your order.

Leadtimes in advance - office furniture products can take from 1 day to 5 weeks for delivery, it really depends on what you are ordering.

Delivery fees – Most office furniture companies offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount however when comparing price check delivery fees also.  Ensure the company delivers to your area within the UK some companies may only deliver to certain area i.e. London

Dimensions – because you can't physically see the product it is important to measure your space and then check the dimensions of your product to make sure you can accommodate in your office space.