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In the UK soap dispensers are now commonplace in areas used by the public i.e. schools, companies and hospitals.  There are two main types of soap dispenser a manual dispenser or an automatic dispenser.  Manual dispensers typically work by a pump action, you generally press down on the tap dispenser and the internal pump dispenses the hand soap.  An automatic dispenser does not require you to touch the dispenser, all you have to do is put your hand under the dispenser tap and the motion detector then reflects movement and the hand soap is dispensed.

Advantages of a manual soap dispenser

• Low cost
• Easy to install
• Doesn’t require any batteries
• Dispenses the required amount of soap

Advantages of an automatic soap dispenser

• Reduction is germs as no physical contact is required
• Dispenses the required amount of soap

Soap dispensers are generally wall mounted, they have built in mechanisms that prevent the liquid soap from leaking out.  Soap dispensers now come in various materials and styles to suit any bathroom décor.   Soap dispenser using require soap refills, there is normally a window that allows you to see the level of soap remaining in the refill.  Once the refill is empty it can be easily taken out and replaced with a new soap refill.

Tissue dispensers are also common place in public bathrooms, there are various types of toilet tissue dispensers available, you can get a single toilet roll dispenser so when the toilet roll runs out it needs to be replaced however there are also multi roll dispensers which are ideal for busy public toilets, many can take up to four rolls so when one roll runs out another toilet roll is automatically available for use.
To reduce the spread of germs it is now possible to get an automatic toilet roll dispenser, this is a very convenient product as only the require amount of toilet roll is dispensed and as no physical contact is required, the spread of germs is greatly reduced.

Public toilet tissue dispensers generally use jumbo toilet roll refills which would be much larger than a standard toilet roll.  Toilet roll dispenser can be purchased in a range of materials and styles to suit any décor.   Toilet tissue dispensers are generally wall mounted and take up very little space so ideal for cubicles with limited space.  As well as toilet tissue dispensers we also supply dispensers for hand towels.