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The reception area of any business is an important area, receptions in the UK can often carry out many tasks including the area your visitors will come to, sometimes many receptions will receive incoming goods as well as the area your post is delivered.  As the reception area is the first area your visitors will see, it is important the area is well organised and looks professional so you are giving the right impression about your company.

Furniture for office receptions need to be sturdy and practical as well as stylish.  One of the main items of furniture in a reception is the reception desk, the reception desk may be utilised for taking phone calls, receiving post and attending visitors.  The reception desk needs to be extremely tidy and organised at all times so it is important you have the right storage areas at the reception desk.  Often the phone system is controlled from the reception area so you need to have a desk capable of handling the different wires so they are neatly hidden.  We have a range of reception desks for small offices to large corporations.

Another important item in the reception area is reception seating.  Reception seating in the UK can range for reception chairs, tub chairs to reception sofas, it really depends on your space availability.  Reception seating needs to be hard wearing as well as fitting the style of the business.  Contemporary furniture is now a popular choice with an array of colours to suit any corporate branding.  There are a selection of materials to choose from including fabric, vinyl or leather which are easy to keep clean.

When choosing a reception table it is important to choose a table which can endure heavy traffic.  Many good quality reception tables are heat resistant as well as scratch resistant.  We have a variety of reception tables in different shapes and colours to suit any business.

Tips for choosing Reception Furniture

• Always allow free space in your reception area so it is easy for people to pass through.  Cramming too much furniture into a reception area is not a good idea as it makes the area look cluttered and can make it difficult for visitors to navigate through.
• Reception furniture should always be comfortable, if a visitor or client has to wait in reception it is important that they are as comfortable as possible.
• When choosing reception seating it is a good idea to choose wide seating so it is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.
• If visitors to your reception area often come accompanied by children it is a good idea to have a dedicated play area for children so they are occupied while their parent are waiting.
• While visitors are waiting, reception areas can be a great way to get important messages across.  Many reception areas have literature holders, with information on services or products.
• Always choose reception furniture that is matching and blends in well with the décor of your reception.
• Choose durable reception furniture that will endure heavy traffic and can be cleaned easily.