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An office desk is a common item of furniture in the UK used in offices for reading, writing or using a computer on.  Many office desks have drawers to store office supplies however other desks have no drawers so if you require drawers you can choose a pedestal for storage.  There are different types of desks i.e. rectangular desks, wave desks and ergonomic L-shaped desks.

In the UK office desks come in many different materials i.e. wooden or glass.  Wooden office desks would be very popular, beech would be commonly used in offices, other finishes would be oak, maple and walnut.

At our desks can be used in different types of offices from a home office to a call centre, we have many varieties of desks, some desks are part of a modular range so you can choose to add on matching furniture items for the office.

As many office workers spend in excess of 40 hours per week at their desks it is imperative that you purchase a good quality durable desk that you won’t need to change for a number of years.  Quality is so important when purchasing an office desk, often office desks have to endure heavy files, cups of coffee etc so it’s important to get a scratch resistant strong desk for your office.

There are many desks on the market in the UK some are extremely cheap however are only suitable for occasional use in the home so quality is a must.  You can get very high quality office desks at very competitive prices.

Tips When Choosing An Office Desk

Firstly you need to consider your desking requirements.  If you are purchasing desks for a call center then you may not need desks with a large workspace area so a small office desk with room for a pc and phone might be sufficient.

If you are buying desks for an office that is clerical based then desk workspace area and storage might be important.  Typically office desks range in size from 1200mm to 1800mm, you can purchase an office desk with a built in pedestal however for greater versatility you can purchase a mobile pedestal which can neatly fit under your desk.

Make sure the desk you purchase is in keeping with the décor in your office, consider purchasing a desk that is part of a modular range so at a later stage if you require storage or other furniture items you can choose from the same range to match your office desk.