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Thank you for visiting the Huntoffice UK Bookcase store.

If you are looking to purchase a bookcase for your home, apartment or office, you have come to the right place. We deliver to all areas of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. The Bookcase Store is stocked full of every conceivable shape and size of bookcase unit. So much so, we are confident you will find a suitable bookcase to fill the empty space beside your wall or provide you with some precious additional storage space.

Most home owners complain they have not enough storage space to hold the various bits and pieces they accumulate over the years. By doing a little bit of research and choosing the correct bookcase. A home owner can significantly free up floor space and keep their home looking neat and tidy. Moreover, the clever use of a bookcase can actually be used as the focal point of your room. A Bookcase can become a centre piece where you showcase your family pictures, your impressive collection of rare books or your hard fought collection of sports trophies.

Likewise, if you work in an office or school in the UK and you have had enough of stumbling over boxes of files and folders that are constantly strewn around the floor. The solution may be as simple as requesting your boss to buy a suitable bookcase unit and within a short few days we will have it delivered direct to your door.

As mentioned, bookcases come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so it is important to consider the décor of the room you wish to place the new bookcase in before you make your decision. Buying an incorrect style of bookcase will result in unit looking out of kilter with the existing furnishings.

Some points you should consider before you purchase your bookcase.

• What items will you place in the bookcase? More often than not, people purchase a bookcase to store a particular type of item (books, magazines, CD’s, DVD) but end up stashing all sorts of miscellaneous products inside it. This hap hazard approach can make your bookcase look messy and cluttered.

• The area you are going to place the bookcase in - It is vital that you properly measure the space available in your home or office. On our site, all measurements are in millimetres and usually in the format of Width x Depth x Height.

• Do you want you bookcase to have fixed or adjustable shelves?

• Your budget – Thankfully, we have a bookcase to suit all budgets.

• Do you need to buy additional shelving? – You may have plans to change the items on display in your bookcase from time to time. If so, it is worth buying additional shelves with the bookcase. This will save you having to search online at a later stage for suitable shelves.

• Get creative – we have a category dedicated to modular bookcases so you can mix and match the individual parts to create your own unique style.

Please feel free to browse through our entire range of bookcases by simply clicking on the following links.

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Tall Bookcases - 1600mm and Up

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