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Do you need to organise your documentation and records? Then what you need is a filing cabinet.

A filing cabinet is an enclosure for a drawer, usually used to store paper documents in a file folder. A filing cabinet is a piece of office furniture essential to organise your documents and records, even now in the modern digital world, we still decide to use filing cabinets to store all important paper work.

Different types of filing cabinets:

In the UK there are four common types of filing cabinets: vertical files, lateral files, fireproof and card index cabinets.

• Vertical Filing Cabinets

The vertical filing cabinet was invented over one hundred years ago and is more or less in use today. Throughout the years it's become more than customary for people who work in offices to make use of vertical filing cabinets. Vertical filing cabinets are very narrow and contain two to five drawers and stand upright. Most office people tend to go with the vertical cabinet because it saves up a lot of space and lets you store more files than lateral cabinets.

• Lateral filing cabinets

The lateral filing cabinet easily solves the problem of filing, as it stores large amount of files and bulk files. In a lateral filing cabinet files are arranged from side to side, it can also store legal size documents and letters. Most of lateral cabinets used in offices are metal, but there are also wooden lateral filing cabinets often use for home filing. Lateral file cabinets can have from two to five drawers, which has to be open horizontally and it  is made is such a way that only one drawer can be open at the time.  Metal drawers also has a built in steel bearing and roller mechanism for easy accessibility and smoother opening and closing.  Lateral filing cabinets are essential for offices as they can store maximum number of files. It also gives the office an organise and professional look and blends in well with other office furniture.

• Fireproof filing cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets also called fire resistant cabinets play an important role in keeping your files and documents safe. Fireproof file cabinets are suitable for office use as well as home use. Fireproof cabinet usually have each drawer insulated separately which means if one drawer catches fire while it is opened, the other drawers of the cabinet will not catch fire. All fireproof cabinets have an UL rating of 350 for 1hr or higher which is generally sufficient to meet most business needs. Many of our fireproof filing cabinets have an impact rating of thirty feet, which means it is more difficult for burglar to break in, and your files remind safe.

Card index cabinets

Card index cabinets are small and compact. Card index cabinets are a cost-effective method of storing card based information. Robust and secure single and double versions are available for 5”x3”, 6”x4” and 8”x5” cards. Card index cabinets units can be linked together and are easily convertible to locking for security.

Different material filing cabinets

Steel filing cabinets

Steel filing cabinets are very strong and durable. Unlike wood, steel does not buckle down with scratches, stains or moisture. Steel file cabinets can stand the test of time and you may never need to get a new one. Steel units typically carry an array of special features like single lock, interlock system, nylon rollers, full drawer suspension or counterweight. The only disadvantage could be its appearance, although some already carry more vibrant colours and more unique designs.

Wooden filing cabinets

Many businesses in the UK like to have all furniture items matching and therefore choose wooden filing cabinets.  There are three types of wooden filing cabinets: cabinets in which the files face towards the front, cabinets in which the files face sideways, and cabinets in which the files lie down flat.

Tips for buying or selecting
• By knowing the place and space in your home/office you will be able to choose the best cabinet for your needs.
• Depending on your needs choose the cabinet with right amount of drawers.
• Decide on the colour and material of filing cabinet, you may wish to choose a traditional steel filing cabinet or if you want your entire office matching you may choose a wooden filing cabinet.
• Are you only concerned about filing document or do you require a fire resistant filing cabinet.
• Another thing to consider would be the size of your files or folders. By choosing between A4, foolscap, card index etc so you can choose the best filing cabinet for your needs.