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Welcome to the Office Furnishings section of Huntoffice UK. Office furnishings will allow you add the finishing touches to your office while also providing you with the other daily office essentials, many of which are often forgotten about when decorating the office. It’s the little touches that add a warmth and character to an office space, items such as clocks, floor mats, desk lamps, frames, pictures, office fans including essential items such as light bulbs and heaters. All of these items can contribute to the atmosphere in the office and make it a more pleasant environment to work in, which is extremely important, considering the length of time most people spend at work on a daily basis.

Some of the popular Office Furnishings available:

• Office Clocks – No office wall is complete without a clock to decorate it. Office clocks are found in almost every office and as well as giving a finished look to the overall appearance of the space they also ensure the time is clearly displayed to help staff members to effectively manage their time.

• Coat Stands – Possibly one of the more useful of the office furnishings. As many will know, coats left on desks and on the backs of chairs can look untidy, especially to visitors on the premises. Coat stands, are usually placed right inside the entrance to encourage staff and visitors alike to hang their coats and hats up which in turn will create a more tidy office space.

• Floor Mats & Door Mats – These are mainly used just inside the door or near the main entrance of a building. Not only do they protect the floor underneath from dirt but they also prevent the floor from becoming wet, which could cause slips or even serious accidents.

• Desk & Floor Lamps – These office furnishings can be used in the work space for a number of reasons. Maybe the lighting is poor in a certain area of the office which would require the extra light of a desk lamp, or maybe it’s for decoration purposes to create a nice ambiance in the room, in which case a floor lamp could be used.

So whatever you need Office Furnishings for, be it to decorate and add a finishing touch to the office space or be it for practicality purposes to ensure a safe and efficient working office, you will find the right office furnishings to suit here in this section of Huntoffice UK.