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Lockers are storage units typically found in gyms, schools and businesses in the UK.  They provide people with a personal and secure storage space for their belongings i.e. school books, uniforms bags etc.  Lockers are normally narrow storage cupboards made from steel.  Lockers have various door configurations from single door to 6 door lockers…  There are different types of locks available with lockers, you can get lockers with in-built locks or hasp locks where you need a padlock to close your locker.

At as well as lockers we also supply locker accessories like locker benches these are ideal in changing rooms so you have a place to put you belongings when you are changing.  Some benches also come with hanging hooks for clothes.  We have lockers from brands such as Bisley, Trexus etc in a variety of finished and colours.

Tips For Buying A Locker

• Choose a space for storing your lockers, you ideally need an area that is accessible to staff, pupils etc and measure the area so you can determine how much space you will have available for your lockers.

• Decide how many lockers you will require.

• What will the lockers be used to store, if you are storing unforms etc you may want a single door locker with a hanging rail and shelf to hand clothes and to accommodate footware whereas if you plan on storing books, a 4 door locker might be sufficient as you will require smaller space.

• Look at the décor and decide on the finish of your lockers.  If you have a spa or a luxurious hotel then you may require a locker with a timber finish in keeping with the rest of the décor however if you require lockers for a school then steel lockers may suffice.  However even though some lockers may have a wooden finish they are generally constructed of steel underneath.

• Decide what locking mechanism you will require, you can get lockers with a built in key locks, you can purchase lockers with a built in combination locker, other lockers have a hasp lock for padlocks and some lockers have a combined coin and key lock facility whereby the key is released after the coin has been inserted, this is to insure that people will return the key when finished using the locker, these would be commonly found in lockers used by the public i.e. gyms, swimming pools etc.

Nests Of Lockers
If you are buying a volume of lockers it can be more beneficial to buy nests of lockers, so rather than buying two individual lockers you can purchase lockers joined together.