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Having an open plan office is a great way to encourage communication, share ideas and improve the workflow however sometimes colleagues can be distracting especially when are trying to concentrate on a specific task.  Office screens are a great compromise so you still have the benefits of open communication while at the same time having a suitable level of privacy.

Office screens are also a great way for dividing up an office and segregating an office space into different units and departments.  Office screens are a low cost solution and gives UK companies flexibility to reorganise their office space according to their growing needs.  Office screens also provide privacy for staff; if you view confidential information on your pc it is important to have a suitable office screen so the information is not viewable to others.   Office screen can also reduce noise levels from another colleague's desk which can be very distracting.

At we have a large range of screens and partitions the main types are as follows:

Desktop Screens

Desktop screens are ideal if you want the open communication of an open plan office while at the same time providing staff with a level of privacy and a less distracting environment.  Desktop screens are also great for noise reduction from ringing phones.  Desk top screens are very easy to mount onto a desk usually with clamps and come in various colours, shapes and sizes.   Desktop screens often have a surface capable of holding drawing pins used to hold important and useful information.  Often companies will purchase desktop screens to match their corporate colours.

Floor Standing Screens

Floor standing screens are screens or partitions that do not need to be mounted to a desk typically stabilising feet are used to stand these type of screens.  Free standing screens are very flexible and can segregate a room into different areas.  Free standing screens now come in vibrant colours and sleek designs, as well as rectangular screens you can also choose curved shaped screens.

Tips for choosing a desk or floor standing screen

• Firstly you need to decide how you want to organise the office, if you have a number of departments in an office you may want high desk screens between each department and low screens between colleagues within each department.
• Decide on a suitable colour, do you want screens to be in keeping with your corporate colours.  Make sure the colour you choose will blend in with existing colours within the office including walls and carpets.
• Do you wish to hang documents from your office screen, you may wish to purchase a screen with a pinnable surface so you can hang up important useful information you regularly use.
• Often desk partitions can be used to reduce glare from sunlight or office lights so it is important to choose a screen at the correct height.