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To work efficiently every business needs an organised filing and archive system.  Even with computer and storage media devices there is still a need to file hard copies of important documents and archive for a number of years.  Many organisations in the UK leave archiving and filing to the end of the year however to ensure less clutter and a better organised office, archiving should be done throughout the year.  At we have a wide range of filing and archive supplies, the main products would be as follows:

Lever arch files
– available in mainly foolscap and A4 sizes are a very practical way to safely store documents that you need to access frequently.  Lever arch files can be stored on a shelf or in a storage cupboard.  Lever arch files generally contain metal rings for storing hole punched documents.

Suspension Files
– Hanging files used for storing files in filing cabinets or desk high pedestal with a suspension file rail.  The two main sizes of suspension files are A4 and foolscap, foolscap would be the most commonly used suspension file in standard filing cabinets.

Subject Dividers
– To get the most out of your filing system, subject dividers are a great way to keep your folders organised and different information divided.  Subject dividers come in different tab numbers and colours.  As well as subject dividers, index dividers would also be popular for organising folders.

Archive Boxes
– Many financial departments or hr departments in the UK and London are obliged to archive certain documentation for a number of years.  Archive boxes are ideal for storing a number of lever arch files or ring binders.  Cardboard archive boxes are convenient as they typically come flatpacked so easy to store, they also come with a space for labelling the archive box.

Tips for archive and filing

• Don’t archive everything!  Archiving hard copies of your files takes up valuable space so only physically archive if it is necessary to do so.  Otherwise scan the document and store on a hard drive or if the document is not required, shred the document.
• Plan your archive storage area, allocate different areas for different subjects/items.
• If you are not required to keep a permanent copy, rotate your filing system so the older files are easily accessible so you can easily discard of out of date files.
• Invest in the correct filing supplies; if some of your documents have a large volume i.e. contracts etc a standard suspension file might not be sufficient instead a gusset suspension file would be more suitable.
• Invest in the correct filing furniture, if you have a store room where you keep your file, investing in steel shelving can help vastly improve your archive storage area.