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HP Office A4 80gsm Paper (Pack 10 Reams)

HP Office A4 80gsm Paper (Pack 10 Reams)

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Here at Huntoffice we offer a huge variety of printer paper to suit the needs of any home or office.  Multifunctional paper is far the most popular printer paper used both by professionals as well as home users. The main reason for huge popularity of multifunctional printer paper is the versatility of its use – it can be used with inkjet and laser printers, copiers, fax machines and typewriters. The structure of this type of printing paper deals well with all printing technologies and allows good absorption of ink and quick drying makes such paper convenient and reliable to use, especially in offices and other workplaces.

1. What size of printer paper do you need?

Below is a helpful guide which will aid you in finding the correct sized printer paper.

A3 Printer paper A3 paper size 297x420mm
(11.69"x 16.53") printer paper- suitable for large scale prints for example posters, flyers, presentations or charts


a4 printer paperA4 paper size 210x297mm
(8.27" x 11.69") printer paper., A4 paper is the size of an A3 sheet of paper folded once - A4 paper is the most common paper used. It is suitable for day-to-day printing as well as prestigious printing. It is suitable for printing documents, reports, certificates, CV's or Menus.


A5 Printer PaperA5 paper size 148x210mm
(5.83" x 8.27") printer paper. A5 paper is the size of an A4 sheet of paper folded once, or an A3 sheet of paper folded twice.- suitable for smaller scale prints for example small flyers, invitations or notes.


2. What weight of printer paper do you need?

gsm printer paper

80gsm Printer Paper
80gsm printer paper is the most common printer paper used in offices and homes. It is perfect for everyday use and for day-to-day printing.





90gsm Printer Paper
90gsm Printer Paper is perfect for a little heavier feel for day to day prints. It is perfect for prints that will be used frequently. The heavier paper weight prevents it from easily creasing or tearing.





100gsm Printer Paper
100gsm printer paper is a happy medium between lightweight and heavyweight printer paper. It doesn't easily crease and is easily fed into common printers and copiers. It gives a prestigious feel to the documents without being too heavy.





120gsm Printer Paper
120gsm printer paper is a perfect for important documents such as reports, flyers, menus and CVs.





160gsm Printer Paper
160gsm printer paper is a soft card perfect for certificates and other prestigious documents. It is also very useful for arts, crafts and other creative uses.

3. How many sheets of printer paper do you need?

1 ream of printer paper 1 Ream of Printer Paper
1 Ream of printer paper is a common amount. One ream contains 500 sheets of paper which is perfect for small office or home use. With light use, 500 sheets of printer paper will last a good amount of time.


1 Box of printer paper1 Box of Printer Paper
1 Box of printer paper is a worthy investment for busy offices and environments where there is a high volume of printing taking place. Each box contains 2500 sheets which is sure to last. Most boxes come ream-wrapped for ease of use.





4. What brand of printer paper do you need?

Here at HuntOffice we provide a large range of brands. Using printer paper of the same brand as your printer can often result in better, more vivid prints and helps ensure you get the most out of your printer and your paper. We at supply printer paper from main brands such as Xerox, HP, Canon, Evolution and Navigator. We also supply a range of budget printer paper for the economically conscious buyer, we stock budget brands such as 5 Star and Q-Connect.