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A safety sign is a type of sign used to indicate a warning or caution or often used to provide safety information to the public. The sign should be highly visible and clearly communicate the intended message. 

If you own a business in the UK it is important to provide health and safety training as well as having safety signs. To comply with UK health and safety regulations many safety signs are mandatory by law i.e. fire exit signs. As well as being required by law it is important for businesses to have safety signs for employees and customers in order to avoid or reduce accidents. If you have a building that is accessed by the public it is also important to provide safety signs.

Some safety signs are very basic however they can prevent accidents from occurring i.e. Mind the Step, Wet Floor, Electric Shock Risk. If an accident does occur safety signs can provide valuable information to minimise the damage caused i.e. first aid posters, electric shock posters. 

A signboard is a safety sign that provides or indicates a warning or hazard through a combination of shapes, symbols and colours however signboards do not contain text so signboards can be universally understood regardless of language or literacy ability. 

Safety signs can be used indoors and outdoors. Depending on where the sign is located, safety signs are made with various materials including aluminium, vinyl and pvc. We also provide hygiene safety signs which are vital if you work in a hospital or catering environment examples would be signs advising people to wash hands or water not safe for drinking. 

As well as safety signs we also supply informational signs and posters examples would be recycling posters and signs, toilet signs, access signs, no smoking signs and door signs. We have recycling informational posters to help increase environmental awareness as well as bin recycling stickers.