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• Ballpoint pens are one of the most popular office products and also the most commonly used writing instruments worldwide. Ballpoint pens have been in use for decades now and even though the technology used in them hasn’t really evolved they still remain present across both home and offices. It is worth mentioning that the term biro used commonly when referring to ballpoint pens in the UK actually comes from the name of ballpoint pen inventor - László Bíró. 


• When shopping for ballpoint pens there are two basic options to choose from: disposable ballpoint pens and refillable ballpoint pens. Disposable ballpoint pens are usually very inexpensive and a lot of users prefer to use them until they run out of ink and then use a new one. Disposable ballpoint pens are usually made of plastic components and include a plastic cap that prevents ink spillages. One of the main advantages of disposable ballpoint pens is the low cost of purchasing, especially when you buy larger packs. A lot of disposable pens use a clear barrel which allows you to see the actual level of ink that’s available. 

• If you are willing to invest a bit more money on ballpoint pens then refillable ballpoint pens are a better choice especially in terms of design and materials used to make them. Such ballpoint pens are made either of plastic, metal or a combination of both. Refillable ballpoint pens come usually in retractable option which means they use a spring action mechanism that moves the ballpoint out for writing and retracts it inside the barrel when the pen is not in use. These ballpoint pens are a bit more expensive than disposable ballpoint pens but since they can be refilled their life span allows them to be used for extended periods of time. 

• The range of ballpoint pens on includes a huge variety of both types of pens which are available in all of the most commonly used colours such as black, blue, red and green. We supply ballpoint pens in various pack sizes, ranging from individually packed ballpoint pens to bulk packs of 50 or even 90 pens. 

• With brands like Bic, Pilot, Paper Mate and Uni-ball we are confident you will find the most suitable ballpoint pens for your needs. You might also check our range of ballpoint pens from 5 Star brand which provides pens that combine exceptional value and quality. 

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