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Whether you are buying for a home or business in the UK it is vital to protect important documents or valuables. In the home burglars will search out common hiding area for valuables, it is very difficult to conceal important items so having all your valuables locked away in a safe which is secured to a wall is very important, burglars will not have the time or should not be capable of breaking into your safe once you have invested in a good quality safe.

Firesafes are also a vital piece of equipment. In the event of a fire there are so many important documents you will need to protect including birth certs, school and college certs, insurance policies, house deeds and many others, trying to retrieve copies after the originals have been destroyed by fire can sometimes be an impossible task.

As well as documents, people often have keepsafes that are invaluable. There are numerous good quality fire safes on the market at cheap prices so it’s well worth securing your treasured possessions.

As well as the home it is also important that businesses protect their documents and data. Nowadays most business work is done on computers and held in computer files, to protect your business your data should be backed up regularly with data tapes. Ensuring you have a data storage safe that is capable of protecting data in the event of a fire is essential. Data safes are specifically constructed so data, disks, and other media devices are protected from temperature fluctuations. Data materials need additional protection as it is a lot more susceptible to heat than documents.

There are many different brands of safes on the market some of the best known safe manufacturers are Phoenix, Securesafe and Sentry Safes….

Tips for choosing a home or office safe

There are a huge selection of home and office safes on the market and it can be difficult to decide the correct ones to choose, below are a few tips to ensure you get a safe suitable for your needs.

- What are you protecting? If you are buying a safe for your home then you probably want to protect documents, photo and jewellery. If you are a business then you may wish to protect data media devices as well as important documents.

- What type of protection do you need? Are you just looking for a burglary safe for your home or would you prefer to purchase a safe that will protect against fire as well as burglars? In this case a data safe might be more sufficient for your needs.

- How much storage do you require? You need to decide on the volume of storage you require in your safe. For businesses you may need a lot of storage so a fireproof storage cupboard might be more suitable.

- Delivery of your safe? Typically safes are constructed with steel and many larger safes can be quite heavy, you should consider this when ordering a safe. Larger safes may often require additional delivery charges so always consider when pricing a large safe. If your office is not on a ground floor and steps are required to access your office then you need to mention this when ordering your large safe.

Safes Ratings

When browsing through safes you may often see different ratings, below is a summary of what the different ratings actually mean:

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have devised a rating system dividing safes into different categories including burglary safes, fire safes….. 

Burgulary Safe Ratings

These types of safes have been tested using tools (TL) OR Torches (TR), the rating given to a safe is how long it took to break into the safe, the main ratings for burglary safes are as follows:

- B Rating
refers to a safe that has 0.25 inch body and 0.5 inch door. These safes are not required to undergo testing.
- C Rating refers to a safe that has 0.5 inch body and 1 inch door. These safes are not required to undergo testing.
- TL-15 refers to a safe that could resist a 15 minute attack from common tools.
- TL-30 refers to a safe that could resist a 30 minute attack from common tools.
- TRTL-30 refers to a safe that could resist a 30 minute attack from common tools and being torched

Fire Safe Ratings

The main ratings for fire is as follows:

Class 150 - This type of class is ideal for data media storage including data tapes, disks etc. A fire safe rated at this class means it can keep internal temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 85% humidity while being heated for a stated amount of time.

Class 350 -
This class is ideal for paper documents. As paper burns at 400 degrees, firesafes are rated by how long a firesafe can keep its contents at 350 degrees.

Impact Rated
In addition to ul class rating if you also see impacted rate this means how long the firesafe could sustain being heated in a furnace at 1,550 degrees then dropped 3 stories into a pile of brinks and heated again while at the same time keeping temperatures under a stated amount i.e. 350 degrees Fahrenheit and protecting the documents.