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DL Envelopes – DL Envelopes are the most common type of business envelope. We have a huge range of DL Envelopes, whether you need a white, manilla or coloured DL envelopes, DL envelopes with or without a window, value packs of 1000 DL envelopes, or high quality 100gsm+ DL envelopes, we have the product for you. DL Envelopes are 110mm x 220mm, this fits an A4 page folded into thirds. Business 'with compliments' slips are designed to fit into standard DL envelopes.

DL Envelopes

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C3 Envelopes – C3 Envelopes can fit A3 sheets unfolded. C3 is the perfect envelope size for sending or storing important A3 sized documents such as posters, certificates, manuscripts, applications, government or official documents, drafts, blueprints, architectural and building plans, and much more. C3 envelopes are 457mm x 324mm. We supply various C3 Envelope colours, pack sizes, seal types, brands, and envelope weights.

C3 Envelopes

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C4 Envelopes – C4 envelopes are a very useful envelope size for businesses and home users as you can fit an A4 sheet unfolded within. This means important documents can be sent or stored without creasing and arrive at their destination still looking official and presentable. We sell a large variety of C4 business envelopes to suit the needs of all of our customers, including all the brands we trust with our mailing needs including; Blake, 5 Star, Q-Connect, New Guardian, Plus Fabric, Basildon Bond, and many more.

C4 Envelopes

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C5 Envelopes – C5 envelopes can fit an A5 sheet unfolded or an A4 sheet folded in half. C5 envelopes are perfect for compact mailing like DL envelopes but they can also be used for invitations, forms, information leaflets, flyers, and an endless variety of A5 & A4 documents. C5 envelope dimensions are 162mm x 229mm. Our C5 envelopes come in various styles, pocket, mailer, wallet, and banker. They also come in a range of colours, pack sizes, seal types, envelope weights and brands.

C5 Envelopes

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Coloured Envelopes – Coloured envelopes are the perfect way to rejuvenate the way you interact with your mail recipients. We supply a full range of colours and sizes to support the needs of all our customers, our colour range includes; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Cream, Grey, Orange, Black, Silver, Pink, Brown, Gold, Violet, Ivory, Vanilla, Vellum, Beige, Oyster, Champagne, and a selection of premium patterned envelopes from Blake. We supply all these colours in a range of different envelope sizes; DL, DL+, C5, C4, C3, C6 & more.

Coloured Envelopes

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Board Back Envelopes – Board Back Envelopes are the perfect envelope for those seeking some extra protection in their envelopes. Backed with a sturdy board to keep contents flat makes board backed envelopes perfect for mailing certificates, diplomas, theses, manuscripts, official documents, photos, artwork, and much more. Board back envelopes are also a simple solution to keeping the contents of the envelopes crease free. Our board back 'please do not bend' envelopes also come in a wide variety of envelope sizes.

Board Back Envelopes

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Majella Wilson   
Ampac 165x230mm Clear White Panel Light-Weight Polythene Envelopes Pack of 100
  Great Products!   
  "Postsafe Light-weight polyethene envelope is a clear and lightweight envelope that is easy to close and open. This envelope is very suitable for shipping posting as its water resistant. Very recommended product if you use post a lot."  
Alex O'Donnel  
Q Connect Wage Envelope 108x102mm Plain Manilla Self-Seal Pack of 1000 KF3420
  Great Price!   
  "Very good quality Wage Envelopes at very good prices for a pack of 1000. Not many people use them any more so at the same time it is very hard to get them in shops, but some old fashion people like me purchase on HuntOffice.co.uk"  
Billy Burke  
5 Star Office Envelopes Gusset 25mm Peel and Seal 115gsm Manilla 381x254mm Pack of 125
  Great Quality!   
  "I am a big fan of the 5 Star Office Envelopes Peel and Seal Gusset 25mm 115gsm Manilla 381x254mm in a Pack of 125 from Hunt office. The 5 star brand never let me down and the gusset envelope is no exception, it is of a very high quality."