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Want to buy business envelopes online in the UK? Why not try the envelopes store. As one of England’s largest office products supplier we provide a complete range of business envelopes for home and office needs. You can choose from a selection of the most popular envelope sizes like DL, C4, C5 and C6 envelopes. We also offer more specific types such as gusset, wage, protective, board and non-standard size envelopes. Our assortment includes large bulk packets of 500 or 1000 units that are perfect for heavy users and smaller quantity packs which should suit home and small office customers.

An envelope is a common packaging item used to contain and transport thin flat material such as paper or card.  Even with the introduction of email envelopes are still used a lot in the UK by businesses for sending out invoices, promotional flyers, contracts, they would be also used a lot by solicitors to send deed and other important information.  People would use envelopes at Christmas to send out cards etc.

Tips for choosing the right business envelope:

• Choose the right size business envelope

DL Envelopes: If you have an a4 document that can be folded, then a dl envelope would be ideal.  DL envelopes are regularly used by businesses to send out invoices etc, dl envelopes also known as business envelopes can accommodate an A4 sheet folded three times.  DL envelopes have a dimension of 220 x 110mm.

C4 Envelopes: For important A4 documents which cannot be folded like a contract etc a C4 envelope can be used.  C4 Envelopes sometimes called A4 envelopes are capable of holding an A4 sheet flat.  The dimensions of a C4 envelope is 324 x 229mm

C5 Envelopes: C5 envelopes can accommodate a4 documents folded once.  The dimensions of a C5 envelope is 229 x 162mm.

The business envelopes listed above would be some of the most popular sized envelopes in the UK however you can get larger or smaller size envelopes depending on your requirements.  It is important is to get the right sized envelope relevant to the document you are sending as you don’t want the document moving around in the envelope or you'd probably prefer not to have to unnecessarily fold the envelope if you don’t need to.

• Choose the right type of business envelope

If you are sending more fragile items like photos, dvds etc a standard paper envelope will not suffice, it is then necessary to choose a protective envelope.  There are various types of protective envelopes from board envelopes to padded and bubble envelopes.  A well-known manufacturer of protective envelopes is Jiffy.

If you are sending out highly confidential documents like a contract or deeds you can choose a tamper evident.

• Are plain or window envelopes required?

Window envelopes are generally used by organisation or businesses in the UK when sending out a mailshot or a large batch of invoices.   Window envelopes are ideal when an address is at the same area on every document as the document can be folded so the address can be seen through the window, this saves valuable time writing or labelling the envelope.

Plain envelopes are used by homes and business when sending out different types of documents.  Plain envelopes fully conceal the documents.

• What type of envelope closure is needed?

Self seal is when you have an adhesive on the main envelope and an adhesive on the flap, when both of these adhesive are pressed together the envelope is sealed.  Self seal business envelopes are ideal as the envelope does not need to be moistened.

A gummed business envelope is the traditional closure style where you need to moisture the flap to activate the adhesive.  These types of envelope would be generally licked to moisten the adhesive which wasn’t very practical if you had a lot of envelope to send out.

Peel & Seal
Peel are seal are really convenient and easy to use, typically the adhesive is contained on the flap and is covered by a thin strip of paper.  When the strip of paper is removed the adhesive is exposed and can then be pressed down to firmly close the envelope.

• What style of business envelope will be used?

There are three different styles of business envelopes - pocket, wallet and banker envelopes.

Pocket business envelopes have the flap opening positioned on the short side of the envelope. 

Wallet business envelopes have a trapezium shaped flap and are used a lot on mailing machines.

 Banker business envelopes have a triangular flap and is traditionally used for cards.