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Address Labels

An address label is a piece of paper or other material containing an adhesive on one side so it can be affixed to an envelope or product.  Address labels identify the receiver and their address details which can be manually written on or printed on.

Printing Address Labels

Labels can be printed in two ways by using a label printer or printing directly from your printer.  Typically with label printers the blank address labels are purchased on a roll which are then inserted into a label printer.

You can also print directly from your pc, this is a very popular method of printing labels in the UK, the labels come in sheets which are placed in your printer.  Using address label software the addresses are printed directly onto the sheets of labels, this is an ideal method when printing a large volume of different addresses.

Use for promotion of company with logo

Many companies in the UK use address labels as a way to promote their business, you can personalise your label with the company logo, this is an ideal way to reinforce your brand.

Different types i.e. copier, laser, inkjet

There are various types of address labels depending on the type of machine you are using to print the address labels.  With inkjet technology the ink is absorbed so you need address labels that will prevent the ink from bleeding, in this case inkjet labels are required.  You can also get laser labels for printing labels on laser machines, these type of labels have heat resistant qualities.  Copier labels are suitable for using with a copier machine.  Always refer to your manual before using address labels, if you buy the wrong type it could result in a paperjam.

Different brands

Avery would be a widely used brand of address label throughout the UK, the address label template provides users with step by step instructions on how to format and print the address label.  All you need to do is setup all your addresses in a table for mail merge and in minutes you have all your address is label format ready for printing, this is ideal if you’ve a large volume of addresses to print.

As well as Avery labels there are similar non branded labels that can be purchased at very competitive prices.  As the sizes are similar to Avery they can also be used in the Microsoft label printing software.

Label Sizes

When printing from your pc most address labels come in a4 sheets, you can have 1 label per sheet, 21 labels per sheet etc, it really depends on the size you require.  If you are labelling a large box then you might require a large address label so it is noticed so in this case you may opt for one label per sheet (e.g. Avery L7167) or two labels per sheet (e.g. Avery L7768).  You may also choose a larger label if you are printing a return address or putting your company logo on the address.  If you are printing just the address on standard letters usually 21 labels per sheet (Avery L7160) are sufficient.