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If you send out a lot of post it saves time and is convenient to have the right type of postage supplies.  At we have a large range of postage supplies to suit any type of small office or large business in the UK.  Below are an example of some of the postage supplies we have throughout the site:

Postage Stamps & Franking Labels – For smaller offices in the UK that regularly send out post but not in large volumes it’s always handy to have a stock of Royal mail first class and second class postage stamps at your desk to save you from having to visit your local post office.  Our range of Royal mail stamps come in pack of 12 and 100.  However for larger volumes of post it may be more beneficial to buy a franking machine, here at we have a selection of franking labels.

Mailing Tubes
– If you are sending calendars, posters or artwork my mail, mailing tubes are essential so your mail items don’t get damaged.  Our mailing tubes come in many different sizes including A2, A3, A4, A0

Postal Scales
When sending a package by post, often you under or overestimate the postage costs. Postal scales are ideal for accurately weighing you postage items. We have a range or manual or digital postal scales from well known brand such as Salter and Wedo

Letter Openers & Dampers
– If you receive a lot of mail, a letter opener can save you time and hassle, we have a basic letter opener and a range of automatic letter openers which are capable of opening up to 7000 letters per hour.

Letter Folding Machines
– If you send out thousands of letters at once, a letter folding machine is an essential item, we have letter machines that can fold up to 9000 sheets per hour that also come with a letter feeder that has the capacity for 150 sheets including stapled sheets.  Many of our folding machines can fold letter style, z fold, single fold, double fold and gate fold.

We supply the most popular brands of postage supplies including Royal Mail, Avery, Salter, Martin Yale and many more…