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Looking for non standard size envelopes? Here at Huntoffice you will find a huge selection of non standard size envelopes in a range of sizes. Non standard sized envelopes are used for posting documents that don’t fit in standard sized envelopes. These non standard size envelopes are commonly used for mailing items such as greeting cards, photographs, small booklets, promotional leaflets and invitations etc. Here in this section you will find an envelope for almost any non standard sized document. As well as having a wide selection of sizes, the non standard sized envelopes are available in the colours brown or white and with or without a window. We also have a choice of different sized packs which include 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000, making them suitable for the home or small office right up to large corporations. 

We have a choice on non standard envelope seal types which include: 

• Peel & seal – This is possibly the most common way of sealing both standard and non standard size envelopes alike. The flap of the envelope has a strip of glue which is protected with a strip of plastic. Remove the plastic strip from the flap and press against the envelope to seal. Peel & seal envelopes are ideal if you buy bulk packs because with the plastic strip protecting the glue, even after months of being kept in storage, the glue won’t dry out. 
• Press seal – This is also a very common way of sealing any standard and non standard size envelope and is very similar to the popular peel & seal envelopes, the difference between the two being both the envelope and the flap has a strip of adhesive. These are pressed together to form a strong bond. 
• Gummed - This is the more traditional way of sealing an envelope. Gummed envelopes have a strip of adhesive that becomes sticky when moistened. These envelopes are often cheaper than peel & seal or press seal envelopes. 

The styles of non standard size envelopes in this section include: 

• Pocket envelopes have the opening flap on the short edge of the envelope. 
• Wallet envelopes have the opening flap on the long edge of the envelope. 
• Window envelopes – When the document inside is folded properly, window envelopes allow you to display the address that’s printed on the letter. 
• Plain envelopes do not have a window and can be written on, printed on, stamped or used for franking. 



Here's what our customers are saying...

tony payton, dublin city   
5 Star Office Envelopes Recycled Lightweight Pocket Self Seal 90gsm Manilla 254x178mm Pack 500
  Highly Recommend   
  "anytime i go the post office i am amazed what a rip off it is when you buy envelopes there! well i know the lads have to earn but when i come to think about their margin - wow! 500 brown envelopes for €21.8 makes one work out at roughly 5 cents. i had to buy 3 envelopes at the post office the last time i was there and i payed €4! never again! save money, save time - buy online."  
Marcella Groves  
5 Star Office Envelopes Recycled Lightweight Pocket Self Seal 90gsm Manilla 254x178mm Pack 500
  Great Value   
  "Great value 10 x 7 envelope for everyday use. I was using the new guardian brand up to now but they are branded and very costly. 5 star is the way to go for me....!"  
Olive Shane  
5 Star Office Pocket Envelopes Recycled Mediumweight Self Seal 90gsm Manilla 381x254mm Pack 250
  Good Purchase  
  "Very easy to seal the envelope flaps because of the press seal. good quality envelopes."  


Babs O'Rourke  
5 Star Office Envelopes Recycled Lightweight Pocket Self Seal 90gsm Manilla 406x305mm Pack 250
  Office Essential   
  "Handy Pocket Press Seal envelopes for storing small items safely. Essential for the office or home and can be used for labeling items."  


Alexis Crawford  
Q-Connect 406x305mm 115gsm Self Seal Manilla Pocket Envelopes Pack of 250
  Great Quality Product   
  "Some quality heavyweight envelopes. We send forms out to customers to sign with a spare envelope inside to return to us and any we've had returned have arrived back in perfect condition. Good price for 250 envelopes and the press seal just makes life much easier!"