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Q-Connect Envelope White C6 (Pack of 50)

Q-Connect Envelope White C6 (Pack of 50)

£104.90 ex vat
£125.88 inc vat
Plus Fabric White Envelopes Wallet Pack 500

Plus Fabric White Envelopes Wallet Pack 500

RRP: £149.23
£87.95 ex vat
£105.54 inc vat

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Looking for C6 envelopes? Here at Huntoffice you will find a selection of C6 envelopes to choose from. Envelopes are essential in the day to day running of the office. It is essential that the correct envelopes are chosen to ensure that the post arrives to its destination in the same condition in which it was sent. We have a range of C6 envelopes to suit any mailing, from everyday post to the more important letters that require the highest quality envelopes. The dimensions of a C6 envelope are 114 x 162 mm. C6 envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded once lengthways. C6 envelopes are used for a variety of purposes including letters but most commonly used for sending postcards, greeting cards and invitations etc. The C6 envelopes we supply are available in the colours brown or white and with or without a window. We also have a choice of different sized packs which include 500, 1000 and 2000, suitable for the home or small office right up to large corporations. 

c6 envelope size


Window C6 Envelopes

Window – Window envelopes when folded properly, allow you to display the address that’s printed on the letter. These look the most professional which makes them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Plain – Plain envelopes do not have a window and are widely used both in the home and the office. 

c6 envelopes window and no-window

Size is measured HEIGHT first and WIDTH second. Position is measured by the distance in from left-hand side and up from the base. 

C6 Envelopes Window Position

Styles of C6 Envelopes

• Pocket – These pocket envelopes have the opening flap on the short edge of the envelope.
• Wallet – These wallet envelopes have the opening flap on the long edge of the envelope.
• Banker - These wallet envelopes have the opening flap on the long edge of the envelope in large V shape.

C6 Envelopes Styles

C6 Envelopes Seal Types

• Peel & Seal – This is a very common way of sealing C6 envelopes. The flap of the envelope has a strip of glue which is protected with a strip of plastic. Remove the plastic strip from the flap and press against the envelope to sea.
• Press Seal – Press seal envelopes are also very common and similar to peel & seal envelopes, the difference being both the envelope and the flap have strips of adhesive. These are pressed together to form a strong bond. 
• Gummed – This is the more traditional way of sealing an envelope. Gummed envelopes have a strip of adhesive that becomes sticky when moistened. These envelopes are often cheaper than peel & seal or press seal envelopes.

C6 Envelope Seal Types


Packs of C6 Envelopes

As with most of office supplies buying C6 envelopes in large bulk packaging significantly reduces the cost of a single envelope. The smallest packs available on our site contain 50 envelopes and high volume users can choose between packs of 500, 1000 and 2000 C6 envelopes.

c6 envelopes pack 50        c6 envelopes pack 500       c6 envelopes pack 1000     

Colours of C6 Envelopes

At HuntOffice.co.uk we mainly supply white C6 envelopes and brown C6 envelopes.

c6 white envelopesc6 white envelopes


C6 Envelopes Popular Brands


Q-Connect5 ~Star         Plus Fabric          New Guardian

Here's what our customers are saying...

New Guardian Manilla C6 Wallet (Pack of 1000)
  Relaible New Guardian Envelopes   
  "These are good quality standard C6 envelopes - I am saying standard as that is what 80gsm paper means to me, it is suitable for 99% of the mailings I send out. I usually buy branded envelopes that are made by companies like New Guardian as this is definitely a guarantee that the envelopes is well manufactured - the main thing is that the envelope has a reliable closure and withstands the weight of the contents. These C6 envelopes are a windowed version which I find convenient as you can print the address on the documents that you put into the envelope."  
Sean Gore  
C6 Envelopes Manilla Wallet (Pack of 2000)
  Well Valued Wallets   
  "Envelopes are sturdy and protect well what is inside the packaging. Been in a business where a damaged post would be decremental to my business and so I'm glad for this well value post wallets."  
Yvonne Earls  
Wallet Envelopes White Press Seal C6 (Pack of 1000)
  Office Essential  
  "These wallet style envelopes are a good quality paper envelope product. Flap can be closed by gum or press seal. Comes in a box of 1000. Useful for any office and essential in your stationery cupboard."  
Leslie Cummings  
Plus Fabric C6 White Envelopes Press Seal Wallet Pack 500
  Great Plus Fabric A6 Envelopes   
  "I am not really fussy about envelope brands or anything special and find huntoffice have a great range for me on these site. These plus fabric Prestige C6 envelopes are a good price and good quality and I have always preferred to use the wallet press seal closure. I would recommend huntoffice try to start selling postage stamps, it would be ideal."  
Q-Connect C6 Wallet Envelopes 90g Press Seal White Pack 1000 KF3472
  Excellent Value   
  "1000 envelopes for the price? Brilliant value! Twice the envelopes for the same price I used to pay for 500 c6 envelopes."