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For certain jobs employees are at risk of injury if they do not have suitable workwear protective clothing.  Protective clothing can range from protective workwear pants to high visibility clothing.  It is important to invest in good quality protective clothing so you can offer best levels of protection and also ensure that the clothing does not need to be replaced.

We have a large selection of workwear clothing at, our products include the following:

Workwear pants
in the UK are commonly used in many different professions including delivery drivers, electricians, technician etc  We have a range combat pants that provide comfort as well as functionality.  They come with numerous pockets for carrying tools etc, many also come with sections for adding knee pads.  We also have waterproof and rainproof workwear pants.

Workwear overalls
sometimes called boiler suits are excellent for protecting you from dirt, spills etc without good quality overalls many jobs would be much more hazardous as many overalls protect your from the neck down.  Workwear overalls are popular for mechanics, engineers etc.  As well as standard workwear overalls we also have overalls that will protect you from asbestos particles, anti static overalls etc

High visibility clothing is extremely important so you can be noticed in work sites or low lighting situations, many visibility clothing are also rain proof.  In many companies it is mandatory to wear visibility clothing in certain areas like building sites etc.

Types of lab coats can vary depending on your job, some lab coats are used for cleaning, others need to provide resistance to hazardous chemicals, need to be durable and breathable.
Protective gloves are essential in many different situations, we have numerous types of protective gloves made from different materials including leather, pvc, rubber, vinyl and nylon.  We have heavy duty workwear gloves, food preparation gloves as well as heat resistant gloves and many more. 

Safety Hats are so important to protect your head from injury or falling objects, it is important to get a good quality safety hat that fits properly.  Many safety hats also provides visibility as well as protection from the elements.

Tips for choosing the correct type of protective clothing:

• Look at both the uk safety requirements and job requirements, if you are an electrician as well as requiring a durable workwear pants you may also need numerous pocket compartments capable of holding tools when your climbing ladders etc.

• As well as safety, comfort is also important, you need to buy workwear clothing that is comfortable, breathable and doesn’t resist movement.

• Choose the correct sizes, it is important that the workwear clothing comfortably fits, if necessary take measurements.