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Welcome to the Work Overalls section of Work Overalls also commonly known as Work Coveralls or Boiler Suits are used to protect skin and clothing against both hazardous and non-hazardous spillages including dirt and dust in a range of work environments. With no gap between the trousers and the top, no spillages, dust or dirt can enter the clothing, giving the wearer complete protection. We supply the most basics anti-asbestos coveralls along with those most advanced powder and liquid resistant coveralls which will protect against chemical spills and splashes. We supply from most cammon disposable overallsfabric overalls, water resistant overalls, chemical resistant overalls and waterproof overalls. The overalls we supply are made to the highest quality from manufacturers such as Kleenguard, Keepsafe, Tyvek, HPC Healthline, Karcher, and 3M.

Choosing the correct Work Overalls

As there are a range of different work overalls available it is important to choose the correct type of work coveralls to ensure you get the optimum protection you need in your work environment. Here are a few guidelines you should consider when choosing work overalls.

  • Safety Requirements
    The work overalls you choose should depend on your work environment and what you need protection from. Certain work overalls carry the EN 1149-1 European Standards certification which means the protective clothing has antistatic properties; necessary for critical areas. We also have work overalls with the EN 1073-2 standard; these overalls provide protection against radioactive contamination. So whatever type of protection you require you will find the correct work overalls to help keep you safe as you go about your job.

Safety Work Overalls
  • Sizes
    Here on we have a selection of Work Overalls sizes aavailable to suit everyone ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. It is important to choose the correct size of work overalls and to get a close fit as having loose fitting or baggy overalls can be very dangerous and can result in a work accident, especially when working in a manufacturing environment or around machinery. Work overalls are generally designed to be lightweight as well as durable to enable the user to wear them without compromising their work and without the risk of the fabric tearing, increasing the risk of a hazard. Overall it is important that the user is comfortable while wearing the work overalls which will come down to choosing the correct size of coveralls and style to suit your need.

Work Overalls sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


Here's what our customers are saying...

Kleenguard A40 Particle Resistant Overalls Anti Static Film Laminate Fabric Work Coveralls L
  "We recently had to put a gowning procedure in place for visitors entering our cleanroom. We make medical devices for customers who in turn incorporate our product into a bigger set for issue direct to hospitals. All our operators have to wear protective clothing, not to protect them but to protect the product. But we were just concerned about visitors to our plant. We bought several of these particle resistant anti static overalls in large just to see if they would be suitable for use. They have really convinced us. They are manufactured to a very high standard. The only downside is that they are expensive for something that has to be dumped after a single wear."  
3M Basic Protective Overalls Lightweight Breathable Extra Large Work Coveralls
  "Anti asbestos protective coverall is Ideal for light duty maintenance and asbestos handling with professional lightweight design and breathable back panel at really low price only in huntoffice."