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Office door signs helps to keep your place of work organised while at the same time giving it a professional look. Most workplaces and offices have areas that are out of bounds to customers or staff members. Having office door signs marking these areas will help you to keep control of your premises, keep customers and unauthorized people from walking into restricted or dangerous areas and set boundaries for staff members. At Huntoffice we supply a variety of different types of office door signs to suit a range of purposes. 

Different Types of Office Door Signs Available: 

• Private Aluminium Door Sign – This is a simple but effective aluminium sign displaying the words ‘Private’. This door sign will ensure that unwanted people stay away from certain private areas in the building while at the same time add to the professional look of the premises. 

• Reception Aluminium Sign – The reception area is often the first point of contact for visitors and customers. Having a clearly marked reception area will enable visitors to quickly and easily locate the reception which can in turn add to their experience of the company and create a lasting impression. 

• Staff Only Aluminium Door Sign – This sign will help you to keep unauthorized people out of private staff areas. This sign is especially important in companies where members of the public enter the building on a regular basis. Not having office or restricted areas clearly marked can compromise your security and can result in unauthorized people getting hold of private company information. Protect your office by hanging the appropriate signs in staff only areas. 

• Sliding Door Signs – These types of door signs give a dual message and are the perfect solution for areas of the workplace that are constantly in use whether for meetings, interviews etc. Sliding door signs protect your privacy and the privacy of others by preventing important meetings from being interupted. Simply slide the panel on the sign upon entering the office to reveal the ‘engaged’, ‘do not disturb’ or ‘meeting in progress’ message to let people know the room is unavailable.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Stewart Superior Push Sign Brushed Aluminium Acrylic 190x45mm
  Really Handy Door Sign  
  "We got that Push aluminium acrylic sign to our office and it is really handy door sign. No one would bang the door any more. Really low price! thanks huntoffice"
Jacky Long  
Stewart Superior Sliding Door Sign Meeting Room Vacant/Engaged W255xH52mm Aluminium and PVC
  Great Quality Sliding Door Sign!   
  "Great quality sliding door sign for meeting room vacant/engaged with self-adhesive strip for easy fixing. Amazingly low price. Thanks Huntofifce"  
Noreen Hogan  
Stewart Superior Staff Only Sign Brushed Aluminium Acrylic 190x45mm
  Look Lovely  
  "As the new school year is about to start I purchased these new "Staff Only" signs for the Teachers/Staff Office. They look lovely on the door and were very easy to put up."  
Justin O Mahony  
Stewart Superior Reception Sign Brushed Aluminium Acrylic 190x45mm
  "Very helpful for people coming into the hotel, thanks very much "  
Stewart Superior Sliding Door Sign Do Not Disturb W255xH52mm Aluminium and PVC
  Good Quality    
  "Stewart Superior Sliding Door Sign Do Not Disturb is really handy. Got it for my restaurant toilets and it doing really good job."
Clive Hutton  
Stewart Superior Sliding Sign Vacant/Meeting In Progress Self Adhesive 225x52mm
  Nice Size Sign!   
  "Cripes... Some of the companies offering personalized signage charge and arm and 2 legs. This Stewart superior sign was just what I needed. Will still need to get some personalized signage but will keep shopping before I decide."