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Industrial Safety Signs

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Lorry Halt Telescopic Warning Sign

Lorry Halt Telescopic Warning Sign

£329.50 ex vat
£395.40 inc vat

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Choose from our range of industrial safety signs. Our industrial safety signs display mandatory health and safety messages to people entering a premises or construction site where there are potential hazards. The signs enforce messages such as head protection, eye protection, foot protection and hearing protection must be worn. We also have industrial safety signs prohibiting the use of mobile phones and instructing that high visibility clothing must be worn.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Keith Dublin  
Stewart Superior Please Switch Off Lights Self Adhesive Sign Pack of 5
  Very Good Quality Sign!   
  "very good quality ,strong and they are very handy for people who forget abit turning the light off while leaving the rooms"  
Stewart Superior Foam Board Sign High Visibility Clothing 200x300mm
  Good Quality Information Sign  
  "Good quality information sign. So important to have it on any building areas as the safety is most important in places like this. Sign High Visibilty Clothing Must be Worn is really cheap at and your life and safety is worth much more so do not wait to purchase it. thank you"  
Seanie Shiels  
Stewart Superior Please Switch Off Lights Self Adhesive Sign Pack of 5
  Excellent Range!  
"We searched for safety signs on internet and came up with excellent range, not too bothered what brand they had, but we bought the stewart superior type and they are quite good..."
Sign Please Ensure You Turn Off The Taps Self-Adhesive Vinyl 75X100 Energy Saving Signs
  Important Sign For Us!   
  "Very good sign for us to have in our 24 hour kitchen - Taps often left running a lot before"  
Sign Conserve Heat Rigid Plastic 100X75
  Good selection of Signs!   
  "Really needed to get these signs for our building we are renovating and sometimes it can be very cold  - its a long project so the signs should help massively"