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Safety mirrors are ideal for concealed entrances so you can drive your car safely onto the road. This can often be the case particularly in rural areas, where entrances are located close to a bend or where entrances are obstructed by greenery. Often with drivers speeding it can be difficult to pull out in time. Having a convex mirror so you can see oncoming traffic in advance can sometimes save lives. 

When erecting the traffic mirror it is important to make sure it is securely erected, it is also important to regularly clean the mirror so visibility is clear at all times. When putting up a mirror always angle the mirror in such a way that it does not reflect the headlights of oncoming traffic. 

Safety convex mirrors are also used in warehouses. In many busy warehouses there can be a lot of traffic and noise so if you are driving a forklift it can be difficult to judge what’s around a corner so convex mirrors are ideal for these blind spots. 

Convex mirrors are often used in shops, they are a great way to prevent shop lifting and can act as a deterent. 

In car parks where space is limited convex traffic mirrors can be extremely useful to get a clear view around corners. 

At we have a range of Safety mirrors manufactured by Helix. These mirrors are extremely durable and made from strong polycarbonate and steel rear mounting plates for secure mounting. The mirrors are covered with a film to protect the mirror from scratches while mounting however once the mirror is securely put in place the film can be removed. 

As bad weather and rainy conditions can obstruct your view we have a specially designed outdoor traffic mirrors that come with a protruding protection cap for improved visibility. 

The size of the safety mirror is also important; the size will determine the viewing distance. Typically a 450mm diameter will enable you to view a distance of 5 to 6 meters and an 800 diameter mirror with enable you to view up to 11 meters away. However there are many factors that can reduce the viewing distance i.e. weather conditions, daylight, eyesight…. 

Traffic mirrors and other safety products can help save lives. Always check with your local authority before erecting a traffic mirror on a public road. 

Types of Safety Mirrors
Indoor Safety Mirrors 
Outdoor Safety Mirrors