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What are Punched Pockets?

A punched pocket is a plastic sheet protector designed to keep paper documents in pristine condition, free from finger prints, spillage damage, tears, creases,  etc. Punched pockets are made from a highly flexible plastic like material which is manufactured into a bag with a slit at one end and a multi-holed sleeve running down one side of the bag. The multi holed sleeve is used to attach the punched pocket to a folder without the hassle of having to individually punch holes in each paper. Typically, punched pockets are made from a clear or semi-transparent plastic so the text on the paper inside the pocket can be identified easily, without the need for removing the paper from the pocket. Although, punched pockets can be fitted with multiple sheets of paper, many users only fit 2 sheets in each pocket, with text facing outwards so information is easily located when needed.


Uses for Punched Pockets:

  • The most common use for punched pockets are for filing sheets of paper in ring binders and lever arch files. Punched pockets are often multi punched to fit a range of different sized folders and binders. Punched pockets are an ideal solution for filing and organisation of paper without the need to punch holes, especially in important documents. By using punched pockets to store documents, they stay in pristine condition for longer. Punched pockets are available in different qualities and are manufactured from lightweight material right up to heavyweight polypropylene. So whether you need punched pockets for normal everyday use or for more important use such as presentations, project work or to showcase product ranges, you will find punched pockets to suit your every need.
  • For heavy weight or multiple documents standard punched pockets may not be sufficient. For these purposes there are expanding punched pockets. These durable punched pockets are made with a more heavyweight polypropylene or PVC material and have an expanding gusset to facilitate thicker documents such as catalogues, directories, project work or multiple sheets up to a capacity of 200 pages. These expanding punched pockets are also multi punched to fit many different lever arch files or ring binders and with their larger capacity they often have a stronger reinforced edge to hold the heavier documents without putting additional strain on the pockets.
  • Punched pockets are also often placed on walls and noticeboards in public places so numerous people can view the information sheet contained within. The sheet is protected from environmental elements by the punched pocket so the information can stay on public display for a significant period of time without deteriorating. Ideal of work canteens, shop notice boards, school walls etc. 

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