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Need Lever Arch Files? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the wide range of lever arch files available here on Huntoffice including A4 lever arch files, A5 lever arch files and foolscap lever arch files. Our brands include Eastlight, Esselte, Leitz and Bantex and come in a variety of materials i.e. PVC, plastic and board. Lever Arch Files are a practical way to file your documents and paperwork. Even though most transactions these days are online, most offices still have a requirement to have hard copies of certain documents. Lever Arch Files are ideal for filing; they fit neatly onto shelves and are extremely durable. Lever arch files are also useful for students who want a safe ways of transporting class notes.


Choosing a Lever Arch File:


Size – First and foremost before choosing a Lever Arch File you should determine what it is exactly you will be using it for, the size of paper, how many sheets you intend to keep in it etc. The most popular size is A4 and widely used for filing purposes and by students alike. We have a huge selection of Foolscap size also; foolscap being an oversized A4 lever arch file. A foolscap sized lever arch file will prevent the A4 sheets from sticking out and getting torn or damaged. For filing purposes we also stock a range of lever arch file storage units of various sizes. These include corner storage units which are ideal where space is limited, storage modules and rotating platfiles.


Material – This should also be an important factor when deciding on a lever arch file. We have wide variety of materials each of which would provide a different level of durability. Students for example would regularly carry around their lever arch files meaning there would be more wear and tear than if the lever arch file were to be used for filing or archiving purposes. For this reason plastic, polypropylene or laminated materials would be more suitable and provide the extra durability needed.


Colour – Lever arch files don’t need to be boring. Choose a colour that reflects your personality or if used for filing, you can choose a colour scheme to blend in or stand out from the rest of the office interior. Here on you will find a wide array of bright vibrant lever arch files as well as the more traditional colours. Some of these colours include blue, grey, black, red, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, lime and raspberry. delivers to locations throughout the UK, including to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast.