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Computer Networking

Welcome to the Huntoffice UK Computer networking webstore.  Huntoffice UK is a market leader in the supply of technology devices to the United Kingdom. We distribute from our main warehouse in Birmingham (England) but also have other regional depots in Glasgow (Scotland) & Belfast (Northern Ireland). Having depots in multiple locations within the United Kingdom allows us the advantage of delivering to your door step within 24 – 48 hours, no matter where you are based within the British Isles.

‘Computer Networking is the process of connecting computers and telecommunications (software/hardware) so as to allow fast and reliable communication and resource sharing between people and computer devices.’

Here at Huntoffice UK, we stock a large range of computer networking devices which will enable your systems to communicate, both internally and externally, like never before. We have divided the store into two categories Network Adapters & Cards and USB Port Hub.

Network Adapters & Cards

Networks operate either through a wired or wireless system. For a computer network to function correctly, each networking device needs to have a network adapter / card (LANs ,WANs or a LAN and its ISP network) inserted so it can communicate with the network router. The network card / adapter in each device on the network must abide by the same ‘rules’ for data to transfer correctly.  The network router works by directing data from one point on a network to another so you need a minimum of 2 networks for a router to work.  The router is located where one network interconnects with another and only sends information to where it is needed. This process keeps the network from crashing due to an overflow of information. Hence, the reason it is called a router.

USB Hub Ports

Most peripheral computer devices such as computer keyboard, mouse, handheld text scanners and printers now need to connect to a computer via USB cable. Therefore, the need to for additional USB ports has become a common problem as most computers only have a limited number of internal ports built into the unit. Thankfully, Huntoffice UK have an inexpensive solution to solve the problem.

A USB Hub port allows you to connect more USB devices to your system much like an A/C Treble adapter allows you to plug more than one electronic device into a single power outlet. A USB Hub port works by expanding a single USB port into multiple ports. The number of extra USB devises you can operate will depend on the number of ports available on the hub. USB Hubs come in many different shapes and sizes. Most models have four ‘A’ USB ports as standard and can be linked together to increase capacity.

The majority of USB Hub Ports are unpowered but for devices that require extra power such as large printers / scanners, there are also individually powered USB Hub Ports available which operate using their own independent transformer. It is advisable to use a powered USB hub for energy eating devices as connecting them to an unpowered hub which is running off your computer may cause an overload of the computer’s power supply.