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Safety & Hazard awareness in the modern workplace is a must have, and there is no better way to remind employees and visitors of the potential hazards in your premises then with these bright yellow caution signs, with the universally recognised caution triangle. The caution signs carry warning messages highlighting the risk of electric shock, hot surfaces, slippery floors, very hot water and caution mind the step. For the warehouse or yard there are also caution industrial vehicle signs, to warn people to the risk of fork trucks. These easily applied PVC or SAV signs are manufactured by Stewart Superior, one of the leading brands in safety signs.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Sign Toxic Hazard Pictorial 100x100 Aluminium
  Just What We Needed!   
  "We need these type of signs for the Labs - lot of tonix chemicals for testing stored in the fume cupboards symbols are all standardised. Material is aluminium so also a must for our clean rooms"  
Sign Warning Barbed Wire 300x100 Vinyl
  Caution Sign Exactly As Expected!   
"Clear and short message. Bright  Yellow so cant be missed and the little image also reinforces the message - Self adhesive so this was a bonus."
Paul M  
Construction Board 600x450 Safety Sign 4mm Fluted Warning Site Traffic
  Temporary Sign - Excellent Quality!
  "Impressed with the quality of this sign it was goiod for the price as we only needed it for a short while as works were beign carried out"
Marion O Doherty  
Glass Awareness Sign Frosted Exclamation Vinyl Image
  Vital Signs!   
  "These frosted signs conform to regulations for marking glass so as to make staff aware - a good few of the guys here had wallked into our new glass panelling"  
Jerry O Reilly  
Sign Caution Fork-Lift Truck 400x600 Floor Vinyl
  Slip Resistant Floor Sign
  "Floor sign is laminated and slip resistant. we had no problem applying it to the warehouse floor
We find these floor signs can be so much more effective than regular wall signs to get the vital safety messages across to staff."
Jimmy C  
Sign Danger Stop Look Listen 300X100 Rigid Plastic Beware Of Trucks
  Strong Weatherproof  PVC Access Sign!   
  "Good quality strong and good wearing predrilled holes easy to apply Does the Job"  
Health And Safety Officer  
Stewart Superior Catering Sign Caution Very Hot Self Adhesive Vinyl W150xH200mm
  Good Choice of Safety Signs!   
"By sticking the above "caution very hot water sign" directly above a tap with very hot water in our factory, we reduced the number of people burning their hands. There was a home made sign (printed words) in the same position, but proved very ineffective. I highly recommend the use of safety signs in general, and dont be afraid to cover the place in them. People at work are often thinking about what they are doing next, or daydreaming - and are not always aware of the dangers around them - very hot water being just one example."
Mandy James  
Stewart Superior Caution Slippery Surface Sign Self Adhesive Vinyl 150x200mm
  Pretty Good Quality For A PVC!
  "Cheap, durable slippery floor signs. Pretty good quality for a PVC sign and much better value than those metal signs the signage companies charge through the nose for."
Stewart Superior Sign Caution Very Hot Water W75xH50mm Self-adhesive Vinyl Pack of 5
  Good Value & Next Day Delivery!   
  "This is a must have in our kitchen of our restaurant for health and safety reason. The Caution Very Hot Water sign comes in a pack of 5. It is self-adhesive and made from very durable rigid plastic. Size wise it is about 75mm x 50mm so quite sizeable. The Yellow and black colour are hard to miss which is exactly what I want. Very reasonable price for a pack of 5 and I had delivery next day. Great service."  
Safety Sign Warning Beware Of Step A5 PVC
  Sign Is Sharp And Clear!   
  "Perfect sign to warn customers and can say for sure it has cut down on accidents involving staff and customers dramatically. Printing is sharp, made from a durable PVC/Plastic. It seems to apply to many surfaces.  
Gavin Reidy  
Stewart Superior Catering Sign Caution Very Hot Self Adhesive Vinyl W150xH200mm
  Sign Is Sharp And Clear!   
  "Good quality sign. Printing is sharp and clear. also cheap ,thanks hunt office."  
Patrick C  
Safety Sign Warning Fork Lift Trucks A5 Self-Adhesive
  Self Adhesive Forklift Sign!  
"The handy self-adhesive backing made this sign easy to mount. Clear and concise with image and message"
Sign Caution Fork-Lift Trucks 600x200 Aluminium
  Good Value Forklift Sign!   
  "Good size. Need to warn people of a hazards onsite.
Stated clearly the warning. These signs come pre-drilled holes"
Stewart Superior Caution Industrial Trucks Sign for Outdoor Use Foamboard
  Very Good Selection of Safety Signs!   
  "We were looking for some signs to make pedestrians aware that there were trucks in and out of our factory and we wanted to make sure that there would not be an accident. We bought several of these caution industrial truck signs from hunt office. When I went on the website I could not believe the amount of different signs available and I emailed the safety officer giving him the details of the website. These caution industrial truck signs were made using pvc so they were perfect for mounting outside. For something so important, they were really cheap and the amount of different ones available."  
Stewart Superior Caution Slippery Surface Sign Self Adhesive Vinyl 150x200mm
  Use Anywhere!   
  "Very handy sign to have in any workplace. Stewart Superior Caution Slippery Surface Sign is Self Adhesive so you can put it up anywhere."  
Sign Glass Highlighting 500x150 Vinyl Squares
  Pretty Caution Sign Solution for Serious Issue!   
  "With our beautiful new offices (Thanks Hunt Office for fit out) We used these cubic forsted signs  for the new glass walled area - who kknew pretty could be so important "