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Welcome to the Canteen Equipment store. We ship direct to our customers all over the United Kingdom.

We stock an extensive range of canteen equipment that will enhance your home, guesthouse, business or office canteen. We have carefully selected our product range to reflect the ever changing needs and requirements of our customers.  We have also divided the range in to 9 functional sub categories, allowing you to quickly find the exact piece of canteen equipment you require.

 These categories include.

Coffee Makers  

Coffee Machine  

Coffee Machine Supplies  

Fridges & Dishwashers 


Kettles & Water Urns 

Jugs & Flasks  

Microwaves & Ovens 

Water Filter Jugs 

After consulting with our customers, we have notice a growing trend in the United Kingdom market in recent years. Many businesses now look at buying top quality canteen equipment as an investment rather that an expense. There are a number of differing reasons for this.

• Some older foodservice equipment may not have the same holding capacity or operating speed as some of the newer modern models. This can led to customers waiting for extend periods for their food orders. As a result, your business may suffer as customers move to competitors who can supply them with their order in a fraction of the time.

• After a number of years of use, the quality of food made in some types of bistro equipment can be impaired.  Changing your toaster, fridge or oven can help improve the overall quality of your product and preserve it for longer periods.

• If you wish to give your canteen or bistro a chic and sophisticated appearance, you may need to consider changing the canteen equipment that you use. This is especially relevant if you operate a café or restaurant where the customer has a clear view of the canteen equipment. Older equipment may look dated and contradict the modern image you are trying to create.

It is clear that in some circumstances the purchasing of modern catering equipment may lead to competitive advantage over your rivals.

If you are about to purchase new restaurant equipment, there are a number of considerations to first take into account.

• Determine the approx. usage of the item & the type of food outlet you own.

• Examine your budget – you may actually save money by up-scaling the piece of equipment to a high spec model. Savings will come in the form of higher output and quicker operating speed.

• Look out for special offer bundles. Here a Huntoffice UK, we often mix and match kitchen equipment so as to offer you better deals. An example being a reduced price if you purchase the Microwave , Kettle and Toaster kitchen bundle.

•Kitchen space is often at a premium, so you may need to measure the space available and match to a suitable sized product