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Telephones were developed in the 1870’s and in recent years have hugely evolved with many extra features as standard.  Telephones are used in offices and homes throughout the UK, even with the introduction of mobile phones and VOIP applications.

The following are the different types of telephones we supply:

• Cordless telephones are very popular as you have the freedom to move around while taking or making a phone call.
• Standard telephones- there are many added features available on telephones however there is still a demand for a low cost telephone, we have a number of entry level telephones
• Wall mountable telephones are ideal if you want to store a telephone in a convenient location.
• Multiple headset - these are very popular in the UK, many individuals like to have access to a telephone in different rooms making multiple headset ideal.
• Phone & Answer Machine In One - we have a number of phones with built in answering machines that let you easily access your voice messages.
• Walkie Talkies - we stock a range of walkie talkies, many can be voice activated and some have a range of up to 8km, making them ideal for long distance communication.
• Conference phones are specifically designed for telephone meetings, the conference phone is built so the user gets clear results.

In addition to telephones we also have a number of accessories including iphone chargers, blackberry chargers, telephone cables up to 6 meters, hands free speakers and more.

Telephone headsets - in addition to bluetooth headsets we also have a selection of telephone headsets ideal for busy office environments where people are often multi-tasking.  Typically our telephone headsets come with ear pieces attached to an adjustable headband that are suitable for a range of head sizes, they also have built in mouth pieces.  We stock cordless headsets with up to 8 hours talk time.  All of our telephone headsets are designed with the user in mind, many are extremely light weight and built for comfort so you can proceed with your telephone call.

We have a range of telephones and accessories from the following manufacturers including Plantronics, BT, Doro , Panasonic, Polycom, Alphacom, Motorola….