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Listing Paper Types    
11 x 216 Listing Paper    3 Part Listing Paper Listing Paper 
11 x 235 A4 Listing Paper    4 Part Listing Paper Listing Paper 
11 x 241 Listing Paper    56-57 gsm Listing Paper 
11 x 368 Listing Paper    5 Star Listing Paper 
11 x 389 Listing Paper    60 gsm Listing Paper 
12 x 235 Listing Paper    70 gsm Listing Paper 
1 Part Listing Paper Listing Paper    90 gsm Listing Paper 
2 Part Listing Paper Listing Paper    Challenge Listing Paper 

Looking for listing paper in the UK. Check out our range of continuous paper mainly used in dot matrix printers. Listing paper can be supplied in single ply - 1 part or multi ply i.e. 2 part, 3 part.... Typically listing paper has punched holes down each side so it can be fed vertically through a tractor feed printer or a dot matrix printer. Listing paper is often referred to as computer paper, fan-fold paper, sprocket feed paper, burst paper and tractor feed paper.  Listing paper is a continuous sheet of paper folded and micro perforated at intervals.

It may surprise people but there is still a demand for dot matrix printers and listing paper, the main reasons people have for using these types of printers is due to the fact you can print carbon copies.  Other reasons are low running costs - dot matrix printers don’t need to use ink on the carbon paper and because the listing paper is continuous the paper rarely jams.  The printer prints line by line so reduces the consumption of paper, also a lot of users praise the durability of the printer, they tend to last years and rarely break down.

Listing Paper Sizes
Listing paper is generally measured in inches by depth (top to bottom of each page) and mm which indicates the width of the page (including the punched holes at either side).  The following are a list of sizes we supply (inches x mm):

• A4
• 11x241
• 11x368
• 11x235
• 11x389
• 12X235
• 11x216

Types of Listing Paper

• Plain listing paper – As the name suggests this is plain white un-ruled sheets of paper.
• Ruled listing paper – This type of listing paper has lines making the text easier to read.
• Perforated – This is where the punched holes margin at either side of the page can be torn away

Listing Paper Parts Explained

Listing paper comes in different parts, the parts indicate the amount of pages or copies in each set i.e. 1 part means there are no copies however 2 parts means there is 1 copy and so on.  The different copies generally come in different colours i.e. white, green, pink and yellow.  The copies typically are NCR paper (no carbon copy required).  The back of the top sheets are coated with a type of dye, when pressure is applied the dye is released on the next page, on a dot matrix machine the impact of the striking head releases the dye onto each of the copies of listing paper.

List Paper Weight

There are a lot of weights to choose from however typically 60gsm listing paper would be the most common type.  Other weights we supply are 56/57gsm, 70gsm, 90gsm from brands such as 5 Star and Challenge.

Tips when buying listing paper

1. Select the right paper size, there are a number of different sizes to choose from
2. Decide what type of listing paper you require i.e. ruled, plain or perforated
3. Do you require copies and how many, at we supply different part listing paper from 1 part to 4 part listing paper.
4. Choose the weight type, a lot of companies’ use 60gsm however there are also 56/57gsm, 70gsm and 90gsm available.