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Welcome to the Cash Register and Supplies store of

We are proud to supply UK businesses with top quality Cash Registers and Cash Register Supplies , regardless of where your business is located in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

We have discovered from dealing with our clients, a common problem many UK retailers encounter is choosing which Cash Register is best suited for their business needs.  Any business thinking of buying or upgrading a Cash Register should consider the following before making their decision.

Points to Consider when purchasing a Cash Register

• Departments - Some businesses such as larger Supermarkets will need to purchase a Cash Register with a large number of programmable departments.  This will allow the business to allocate their product range into different ‘Departments’. The categorisation of products into individual department can provide a business with vital information on how each department is preforming and can highlight any underperforming product ranges.

Small businesses such as Boutiques & Confectionary shops will need a Cash Register with fewer departments as they normal carry a smaller product range.

Entry level Cash Registers normally contain Eight Departments while the larger, more advanced models can contain up to Ninety Nine individual departments.

• PLU’s – Price Look Ups or PLU’s as they are most commonly referred to. These are unique codes that can be assigned to an individual product on a Cash Register. This can be very useful to identify which products are top sellers and help highlight products that have slipping sales.

Examining a PLU report will show any purchasing trends that may occur over time.

Like ‘Departments’, smaller businesses will need less PLU’s than larger retail stores.

A basic Cash Register can usually store Eighty PLU’s. An advanced version can store up to 2,000.


• Does the information stored on your Cash Register need to be backed up on to a computer?

If the answer is yes, you will need to buy a model that has an SD Card interface built in. Most models now have this feature but some of the older or basic models do not.


• Flat or Raised Keys – Raised keys on a Cash Register will suit most businesses. Retailers in the Food & Beverage industry may decide on Flat Keys as these are water proof and will not let food particles to slip beneath the keys.


• Company Logo on receipts – Many companies will request a Cash Register that can print both the Company name and Logo. The more advanced models can cater for this requirement.


• Number of Cashiers – Smaller businesses and sole traders will not need this function. Medium to large retailers can purchases Cash Registers with Ten to Twenty Five individual Cashier codes.


• Number of Keys  - Advanced models have additional keys which can be programmed to represent frequently purchased products.  These models are very popular in many Food & Beverage establishments.

As highlighted above, there are many factors that UK businesses need to consider before they purchase a cash register. Other considerations may include the number of note and coin compartments, the available space on your shop counter,   training mode function.