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Welcome to the Camera & Camcorder store.

We are the premier office supplies company to the United Kingdom. No matter where you happen to be located, be it Birmingham, Edinburgh, Derry or Swansea, we delivered to your doorstep within 24 -48 hours.

We are delighted to offer our loyal customers a large selection of digital Cameras & Camcorders. There is a Camera or Camcorder here to suit everyone. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a seasoned cameraman you will be sure to find a product here that fits the bill. We stock all the leading brands such as Olympus, Fujifilm, Canon and Kodak, all of which have recently received major price reductions.

Here, at Huntoffice UK we realise choosing the correct Camera or Camcorder isn’t easy, especially if you are buying a Camera or Camcorder for the first time. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before you can make your purchase with confidence. Therefore, we have created a list of tips which will hopefully help you make the right decision.


Like any purchasing decision you will make, when you are looking to buy a digital camera there are a number of simple questions you can answer to help you narrow your search.

• The first thing you must decide on is your available budget. The size of you budget will quickly eliminate a whole raft of higher spec cameras that are targeted mainly at professionals.

• The next important question to ask yourself is what you actually need the camera for. Are you looking for a camera to take stunning out door shots or do you just need a camera to take pictures at family or social occasions. Will the majority of pictures be taken in Bright or Low light?

• Are you interested in understanding the different functions on the camera? Understanding them may help you take crisper images or do you want a camera with an auto mode which allows you to point and shoot without having to mess about with the camera’s settings?

Megapixel - When it comes to megapixels, bigger is not always better. For most users, a camera with megapixels between 5 & 10 million will suffice. When you go beyond 10 megapixels, each image taken requires a large amount of space on your SD Card or Hard drive. The main advantage of having a camera with a large pixel capacity is that it gives you scope to print larger photographs with deeper image definition.

Zoom – When you read a description relating to a particular camera you will often see two types of zooms mentioned (Optical & Digital). The key one to look for is optical as this gives better image clarity. An average camera will have At least X3 Optical Zoom but there are new ‘Super Zoom’ cameras coming onto the market which go up to 12X .


Similar to buying a camera, there are a number of crossover factors that need to be considered when buying a camcorder.

These include –

• Deciding on the amount of money you wish to spend on your camcorder

• Defining the purpose and use of the camcorder.

• Deciding on what functions on the camcorder are a ‘must’ and which features you can do without

Remember to look out for the Optical rather than the Digital zoom. An Optical zoom of 10X is recommended

If you intend using your camcorder for prolonged periods. You should purchase one with larger battery capacity. A standard battery will only last an hour on average.

It is also worth noting that camcorders with Front – Mounted microphones are preferential to Top – Mounted models as they will pick up on the voices of people you wish to record and not your own.