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Battery Torch at The Varta Store

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Varta Night Cutter F30R Torch 18900101111

Varta Night Cutter F30R Torch 18900101111

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£68.28 inc vat
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Welcome to the Huntoffice UK Torches homepage.

Huntoffice UK is a rapidly expanding online office stationery company serving customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have a simple business goal which is to provide our loyal customers with the best value for money and widest possible product range found anywhere in the United Kingdom.

We ship 99% of all orders purchased before the 4.30pm cut off time for next business day delivery. This applies to stock items and may exclude some bulky items such as furniture and steel storage units.

Huntoffice Uk warehouses are located in various geographical regions such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.

If you are looking for a battery operated torch, Flash lamp, Flashlight or Head Torch, you have come to the right place. We have torches suited to both indoor and outdoor environments such as Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire Service, Search and Rescue), Animal Welfare, Council Engineers, Universities for environmental research, Night Security, Law Enforcement agencies, Travel, camping & boating.

Knowing that you have a torch at your disposal is very reassuring in the event of a power cut, tyre puncture or even in the event you are attacked at night time.

In the event of any of the aforementioned occurring, it can cause unnecessary distress and anxiety which could be avoided by purchasing a flash lamp and being prepared for such circumstances.

In our torches webstore, you will find torches from Energizer the world leader in LED and Krypton Flash Lights.

• Krypton Flash Lights - Krypton light bulbs use Krypton gas which results in high efficiencies and longer lamp life. The molecular structure of Krypton gas is heavier than standard argon gas, Therefore, there is a slower tungsten filament evaporation which stops the lamps walls from blackening and helps improve lumen output.

• LED Torches - LED (Light Emitting Diode) torches use semi conducting material to emit light. They are more robust than the traditional incandescent torches which make them ideal for outdoor use and will last much longer. Most LED bulbs will never need replacing.

Some of the flash lights available to buy through the Huntoffice UK webstore include –

• Energizer Panic Alarm & LED Torch – this mini torch doubles as a personal alarm which emitted a115dB noise that lasts for 11 minutes allowing you the opportunity to evade your attacker.

• Energizer Hi Tech 2 in 1 LED Torch and Area Light gives you an option of light up a 360 degree area as well as having a front facing light. It is ideal for camping or exploring small enclosed spaces

• Energizer Dynamo Light does not require batteries. To operate, simply twist the crank for a few minutes and the torch will function for an extended period.