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Steppie Balance Board For Stand Up Desks

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Product Specification

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2.50 kg
Balance Board

Product Details

- Steppie Balance Board For Stand Up Desks

About Steppie:

Steppie Balanve Board Logo

Steppie - ergonomic seesaw motion balance board - perfect complement for any stand-up desk or workstation.

This side-to-side rocking standing desk platform is a must-have for any stand up desk because it promotes natural posture & allows users to get more exercise while standing which results in endless health benefits. This safe, easy to use balance board is a perfect alternative to traditional ball balance boards or anti - fatigue floor mats.

Steppie -  lightweight, portable rocking board that features a simple yet stylish design & can be used in any environment: for daily physical exercise at home or as an ergonomic stand up desk accessory in the office. Thanks to its carefully finished, elegant and discreet design, Steppie balance board will suit every office & home environment – and everybody. 


Steppie Balance Board

Are you someone who:

• has a sedentary job

• sits a lot in the car, bus, train on the way to/from work

• sits in front of the TV or the computer for a few hours at home

• suffers from back/lower back pain

• sits at an adjustable desk - or stands infrequently next to an adjustable table/desk - or gets a sore back or feet from standing ?     


... then read on - your problems are nearly over!


 Steppie is a balance board that effortlessly:

• activates those in sedentary jobs

• strengthens your back

• makes it more comfortable to stand for longer periods

• improves circulation

• makes you burn more calories

• gives you more energy

All you have to do is stand on the Steppie board and the rest takes care of itself...

Steppie Balance Board Logo For stand up desks Steppie Balance Board For Office Use

Health Benefits of Using Steppie:

Facts About Sedentary Jobs

Too much sitting is bad for us. Prolonged inactivity throughout the day is bad for our health The medical term for sedentary behaviour is ‘sedentarism’. A behaviour whereby you are primarily inactive and sedentary during the day. Such behaviour has been shown to be extremely damaging to your health.Everyone - with a predominantly sedentary job - knows the facts all too well: We need to stand at adjustable desks. That is why we have them, or should have them. But when you are inactive and stand without moving, you become tired more quickly – far more quickly than when you walk, for example. This is why you need to move!

Steppie enables you to stand at an adjustable desk with negligible movement. The slightest body movement such as reaching for something or looking to one side causes the balance board to tip, thus activating the body’s core musculature (inner, deep muscles that stabilise the spine and ensure the body is in balance). In addition to the movements resulting from normal desk activity, many users will intuitively stand from time to time, tipping the board from side to side. It is natural for the body to move, rather than being locked in a static position.


How Steppie works? Steppie ergonomic balance board is as brilliant as it is simple:

Steppie Balance Board Benefits

Easy To Use:

In contrast to a traditional ball balance board that requires a great deal of energy, concentration and balance to master, Steppie requires none of the above and can be easily used by anyone. Locating the balance point is easy and the board’s seesaw motion is more controlled than a standard balance board.

Benefits of Using Steppie:

The simplicity of the design is equaled only by the benefits of using the board:

• You can stand for longer periods - a little movement is less tiring than standing still

• Steppie improves blood circulation

• Improves concentration & productivity

• Steppie promotes a natural posture

• Using Steppie Activates and thus trains your core musculature (inner, deep muscles that support and balance the spine)

• Activates and thus trains your body balance

• Activates and trains foot joints, knees and hips

•  Activity burns energy – you lose weight

Steppie is suitable for use in sport:

Regular use of Steppie at work - or training while you watch TV, for example, - improves your coordination, balance and reflexes and trains your core muscles, which are hard to ‘get to’. Regular training on the balance board prevents most knee and ankle injuries! This is why a balance board is a regular part of training for professional skiers and also many football and handball players. A survey carried out among women handball players showed that proper training on a balance board can reduce knee and ankle injuries by as much as 75%!

Steppie in connection with rehabilitation:

The best way to rehabilitate your muscles and joints after ankle, knee or hip injuries is to use a balance board. However, using a standard ball balance board is for most people - at least to begin with - too difficult. Steppie, on the other hand, is much easier to use, and as you become more practiced, you can increase training by standing on one leg at a time or turning the board over and seesawing in the opposite direction.

Stylish & Practical Design:

Steppie balance board features a simple yet stylish design that makes it suitable for any home or office environment. It features a neutral - black & grey colour scheme which easily blends in any interior.


 Features & Specifications of Steppie:

Steppie Balance Board Colour Finish Simple Design For Effortless Use In Any Environment
The Steppie balance board for stand up workstations is designed with effortless use in mind:  This stylish yet unobtrusive balance board features a simple design that helps improve overall body wellness while you work. Designed with comfort in mind, the board gently rocks side to side while strengthening and stabilizing muscles in the core, lower back, hips, legs and ankles. The subtle two-tone grey colour finish suits any interior.
Steppie Balance Board Carrying Handle

Lightweight & Portable
The Steppie balance board is very light - easy to move into place or slide out of the way. It also features carrying handle.

Steppie Balance Board Weight Tolerance

Weight Tolerance - 200kg
The Steppie balance board has a weight tolerance of 200 kilos (440 lbs).

Steppie Balance Board Suitable For all types of shoes

Manufactured Form Strong & Durable Non-Slip Plastic
This ergonomic Steppie balance board is manufactured from heavy-duty extra strong plastic material. The surface is non-slip - designed to be used with all types of shoes.

Steppie Balance Board Dimensions

Dimensions - W560xD360xH53mm; Weight - 2.25 kilos (4.95 lbs)
The dimensions of Steppie balance board:
Width: 560 mm;
Depth 360 mm;
Height 53 mm
(W22 x D14 x H2 in)
Weight - 2.25 kilos (4.95 lbs)

Steppie Balance Board Standards

Approved By Health & Medicine Authority
Steppie balance board is declared a “Medical Device, Class 1” by the Danish Health and Medicine Authority (Medical devices which are CE marked in conformity with Directive 93/42/EEC meet the essential requirements for safety and performance).

Steppie Balance Board Instructions

Instructions of Use Included - No Assembly or Special Training Required
Each Steppie comes with a removable label with reference to a QR-code and web page address with detailed instructions. No special training required. No assembly required.

Steppie Balance Board Warranty

5 Year Guarantee
Steppie balance board comes with 5 year warranty (from date of delivery)

Steppie Balance Board Logo

Steppie - Danish Design - Made in Denmark
Steppie balance board is manufactured in Denmark by Steppie ApS and is design registered in the EU, No. 002379677

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Steppie Balance Board For Stand Up Desks

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