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Types of Premium Paper        
100gsm Premium Paper    Champagne Premium Paper    Navigator Premium Paper 
165gsm Premium Paper    Conqueror Premium Paper    Non Branded Premium Paper 
1 Pack of 100 Sheets Premium Paper    Cotton Fibre Premium Paper    Parchment Premium Paper 
1 Pack of 50 Sheets Premium Paper    Cream Premium Paper    Smooth Premium Paper 
1 Pack of 80 Sheets Premium Paper    Decadry Premium Paper    Southworth Premium Paper 
1 Ream of 500 Sheets Premium Paper    Gold Premium Paper    Vellum Premium Paper 
5 Star Premium Paper    Grey Premium Paper    White Premium Paper 
90gsm Premium Paper    Ivory Premium Paper    Wove Premium Paper 
Blue Premium Paper    Laid (Ribbed) Premium Paper     

Welcome to the Huntoffice UK Premium Paper section. Premium paper is a high end paper which can be used in all types of printers and copiers to provide high quality printed documents, reports, letters, etc. Premium paper is very smooth and its weight is bigger than standard paper which makes it a superb printing and copying paper for anyone who is looking for the best results. The premium paper we supply is available in a range of finishes including wove, smooth, ribbed and mottled effect, all of which add to the exceptional look and feel of the paper. Choice of colours includes white, vellum, cream, gold dust, grey, champagne and blue. Here on Huntoffice UK you will find the highest quality premium paper from leading brands Conqueror, DECAdry, Data Copy and 5 Star. 

Why choose Premium Paper? 

Premium paper is machine made to have the effect of hand-made paper, the finished product having a range of different finishes which include: 

• Laid paper – This is our most popular type of premium paper. Laid finish has been around for a long time. It has a ribbed texture and a popular choice for artwork, important business communications, CV’s, letters, invitations and menu’s. Here on Huntoffice UK the majority of our premium paper comes from leading brand Conqueror. Conqueror is well-known for producing distinctive, high quality watermarked paper in the United Kingdom. The laid finish paper from Conqueror is available in a choice of white, high white and vellum colours. 

• Wove paper – This is another popular choice of premium paper. Wove paper has an extremely smooth finish to it and is often watermarked. Print quality is excellent with wove paper and is suitable for important correspondence and letterheads. Wove paper is suitable for a number of purposes and is also commonly used as writing paper and for calligraphy. The wove premium paper we have here on Huntoffice UK comes from brands Conqueror and 5 Star and is available in the colours white and vellum. 

• Premium paper weight – All paper is measured using gsm which stands for ‘grams per square metre. The higher the gsm, the higher the quality and stronger the paper will be. Premium paper generally has a higher gsm weight than normal everyday printing paper. Here on Huntoffice UK we supply premium paper with weights of up to 165gsm, suitable for the most prestige letters and correspondence.