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Thank you for visiting the Huntoffice.co.uk Dictaphone & Accessories webstore. We operate from depots in Glasgow (Scotland), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and various regional depots in England such as Chessington, Bristol and our main depot in Birmingham. Here at Huntoffice UK, we’re committed to bringing you the widest choice of quality Dictaphone & Dictation Accessories at rock bottom prices. Every day, we check our prices against more than 20 of our competitors to ensure they’re amongst the most competitive in the United Kingdom.

What is a Dictaphone or Dictation machine (DVR)?

Digital Voice Recorders (DVR) and Cassette Dictaphones are suitable for anyone who wishes to record verbal communication for the purpose of replaying, analyses and transcription. Dictation Machines are often used when a person wishes to record an interview, take notes at a conference, take memos at work /college or when you need to record an important telephone conversation.

Dictation machines are used in many professions such as Doctors, Psychiatrists, Journalists and Office Secretaries. Likewise, students in college / university find dictation machines hugely beneficial as a note taking tool.

There are two types of dictation machines on the market.

Cassette Dictaphones (Cassette Tape)

Cassette Dictaphones started to become popular in the 1960’s & 70’s. Analogue devices were the primary form of dictation recording up until the mid to late 1990’s when digital technology became widely available.

Cassette Dictaphones remain a very popular choice for people in the United Kingdom. Analogue recorders still hold a substantial share in the UK dictation market as many people shy away from using digital voice recording technology.

Cassette Dictaphones operate by using Mini, Micro or Standard cassette tapes. Mini cassette tapes typically hold 15 minutes of recording on each side, while Standard and Micro tapes usually have a recording time of 30 minutes per side.

Digital Voice Recorders (DVR)

Unlike Cassette Dictaphones, DVR’s do not use cassette tapes to record audio as they usually come with built in memory. You can record and store an audio file within the devise’s memory without having to first purchase a tape. If the capacity of the internal memory is not sufficient enough for your requirements, you can purchase a memory card which allows you to store countless hours of recordings. If you do decide to buy a memory card, it is important to remember that the storage capacity is measured in Gigabytes. The gigabyte capacity of the card will impact the amount of recorded audio hours you can store. 

There are a number of advantages of choosing a Digital Dictation machine over Cassette Machines.

• Once you stop a digital recording, it automatically stores within the internal memory and is allotted a sequential number, length of recording and date & time of recording.

• Once the user have finished listening to a digital recording, they can go straight back to the start of the audio file and play again with the need to rewind back through a cassette tape.

• Digital audio files can be transferred onto a PC or laptop and played through a computer system.

• Audio files stored on your computer can be shared over the internet.

• Cassette tapes can run out and require changing. This may happen when a speaker / interviewee is in the process of making an important statement. If you use a digital recorder, you can continuously record until the memory on the device is exceeded.